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What is the latest time a person could say shmah letchachila

Until a fourth of the day


What is the latest time a person could say shmah bideyeved

Until a 1/5 of a day


If a person missed davening third of the day then he may say shmah the whole day but he may not

Say Birkas Krishnas shmah


If one is davening netz when should Shamh be said?

He should star davening a bit before netz and then say shmah exactly on netz


A person may say shaman sitting or standing, how ever if he is nogerah to set him enough stand. It is forbidden to ______________(a) when saying Shmah, rather he should ______________(b) even the person who is sick should try do this

a. Say lying down
b. Lift himself a bit on the side


The kava a should a person have before saying shmah shmah?

That you are fulfilling the mitzva of shmah


In shmah he should conserntrate of the meaning of the words

שמה י


Which sounds should be lengthened a bit?_(a)
And ____(b) in ______©

BE CAREFUL Don't say ________ d or _________ e for this reason better rather not to lengthen the sound

ח -a
d. אחד..
e. ‏ ‏: אחד


We say the posuk _________ a loudly in order to ___________b we also ____________ c

שמה ‏ ‏ישראל ה׳ אלקנו ה׳ ‏אחד a
B. Increase our concentration
C. Rais our right hand over our eyes


Witch posuk do we wisperd

ברוך ‏שם כבוד מלכותו היא לעולם בעד


One should _______ between each ______.
B4 saying _______ one should think to fulfill the mitzva of ______________

Asheh - to go out of Egypt


How should 1 say shmah? What should he be carful of?

1. Let's read shmah from a clear and good siddur
2. He must be able to hear what he is saying
3. He should pause when he sees a vertical line
4. A person should pronounce the word Mishnah with an ע not a ה and tzchro not tishkero and eschem
5. A person must be careful to pronounce words carefully


When saying shmah it is Osur to _______ with eyes or _______with lips or _______ with fingers
Only for a devar mitzav is this allowed in the second phase



When saying _______ we immediately after say the word _______ so that _______ (the chazan in the does the same and then ______________) the chazan in Shul does this so that the total words in shmah will equal _______ this corresponds to the ______________ if someone is Davning alone then he says _______ before shmah so that he also has 248 words

Hashem elokachem
There won't be a breath between them
248 limbs in adults
‏כן אל מלך נאמן


If a person stops in the middle of shmah in the first two paragraphs because he was forced to, if there is still time he should _______

Go back till the Brochos


What should you do it if you arrive in Shul as they say shmah?

You say shmah with the cong and have in mind you are not for filling your mitzva now then you Daven then you say shmah again