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Describe a flood in 2007 in Bangladesh.

  • 2.2 million hectares of damaged crop land 
  • Highway from Dhaka to the rest of bangladesh was flooded causing isolation.
  • Bangladesh Health Department reported Diarrhoes, landslides and drowning 
  • $290 million initial lossof crops
  • 900+ bridges destroyed
  • 1500 km of road destroyed


Planning and manangement in Bangladesh;

What physical defences were put in place along Bangladeshes rivers? 

  • 5000 flood shelters to accomodate whole population
  • 7 large dams to store water ($30 -$40 million)
  • World bank to contribute $400 million to rehabilitate embankments on 17 islands
  • Flood Action Plan (funded by the world bank) levees which are setback from the river to protect from ersoive power and fitted with sluices to reduce flow.


What warning systems have Bangladesh installed? 

  • 1972 Flood Forecasting and warning systems
  • 85 flood monitorng stations providing real time info


What long term management techniques have Bangladesh used? 

Reducing deforestation in Himalayas and Nepal 


What physical factors make Bangladesh vunerable to flooding?

  • Cyclones and hurricanes enerting the bay of Bengal causes storm surges
  • Heavy rainfall outside the monsoon season
  • Himalayan snow melt (spring)
  • Monsoonal rain 
  • saturated soil
  • Ganges, meghna and Brahmaputra converge causing a high discharge


What human factors make Bangladesh susceptable to flooding? 

  • Urbanisation populated (900 per km2) 2.7% population growth/annum
  • Deforestation of hiumalayas (reduced interception rates) 
  • Lack of international investmetn form other countries
  • LEDC little money availible to spend on flood protection
  • Internatioal loans and debts
  • 1980's 100,000 tube wells + 20,000 deep wells for drinking water - redued water table.