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where is the subthalamic nucleus located?

ventral to the thalamus


what is the role of the accumbens nucleus?

it is part of the reward system. has dopamine and serotonin. close relation with the ventral tegmental area.
also been some links between this and maternal behaviour?


substantia nigra

located in the midbrain
roles in reward, addiction and movement.
the neuromelanin in the dopaminergic neurones makes it appear darker.


where is the Amygdala and what are it's functions?

nuclei deep and medial of temperol lobes. Involved in memory, decision making and emotional reactions.


what is the lentiform nucleus?

it is the Putamen and the Globus Pallidus


what is the function of the putamen?

regulate movements and influences various types of movement.


what is the function of the globus pallidus?

regulation of voluntary movement and also subconscious movement.


what makes up the Neostriatum?

the Caudate nucleus and Putamen.


what is the role of the Caudate nucleus?

Vital role in learning, specifically storing and processing memories. it is a feedback processor that uses past experiences to influence future decisions.


wat is the role of the putamen?

motor learning, motor performance and tasks. Roles in learning such as reinforcement and catagory learning.


what is the corpus striatum made up of?

the putamen, caudate nucleus and the globus pallidus.