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Name different parasites found in the abomasum and which species they are found in

- H. contortus (sheep)
-Ostertagia (cattle, sheep, goats)


Name some parasites found in the small intestine and which species they infeect

- Trichostrongylus axei (sheep, goats, cattle)
-Cryptosporidium (cattle)


Name parasites found in the large intestine and which species they are found in

- Strongyloides (sheep)
-Oesophagostomum (cattle)
- Trichuris ovis


How are liver fluke transmitted?

- Must be near water
-Involves snails


How are lungworms transmitted?

-Shed in faeces, eaten on herbage contaminated with fungi


How are GI worms transmitted?

Eggs passed in faeces, infective larvae eaten swallowed


What does it mean when you find worm eggs or larvae in faeces?

- That the life cycle is completed
- Damage has already occurred
-Parasite has reach patency stage
- Environmental contamination occurred
- Other animals may be infected
- Treatment is needed
-Pasture management should be considered


What clinical signs are seen with liver flukes, lungworms and GI worms?

-Liver fluke: Weight loss, reduced appetite, diarrhoea
- Lungworms: head down, extended neck, mouth breathing, proteinaceous fluid present
- GI worms: very similar to liver fluke but also get anaemia


How do you diagnose liver fluke?

-Presence of y-glytamyl transpeptidase/ transferase


How would you diagnose lungworms?

-Blood sample
-Tracheal washes


How would you diagnose GI worms?

-Increase plasma pepsinogen or gastrin

(distrubs the gastric mucosa cuasing hyperplasia, this hypertrophy cuases loss function resulting in HCL reducing cells being damages, plasma pepsinogen is increased because pepsinogen only transorms to pepsin in an acidic environment)


With which parasite would you associate cobble stoned appearance?

Ostertagia ostertagi (abomasum)


What changes in environment would concern you about a rise in liver fluke?

-Heavy rains
-Incr pop of snails


What change in environment would concern you about a rise in GI worms?

- Spring (seasonal spring rise)
-Spike of acute death of lambs


What changes in environment would concern you about a rise in lung worms?

- Unpredicatable, we don't know how they respond to changes in climate


What disadvantages can you think of when farmers are very attentive to parasitic disease?

-Over use of anthelimintics and drug resistance development


Where would you expect to find adult Giardia?

In the small intestine (dog)


Where in the dog does Leishmania spp inhabit?

Circulatory system


Where in the dog does Taenia spp inhabit?

Small intestine


How was climate change affected patterns of sheep parasites?

-Haemonchus: used to be confines to SE england, now widepsread
-Nematodirus: mainly a spring problem but now also occurs in autumn
-Trichostronglyus: used to be traditionally an issue in autumn store lambs, now problem in summer and mild winters