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What is doctrine and why is it important to us as believers?

Doctrine that we received, believed, and practiced will determine our character.


What is the meaning of the word theology?

The study of God.


What verse of Scripture most accurately describes the purpose of doctrine and theology?

Luke 1:1


What does this verse of scripture say about the purpose of doctrine and theology?

It draws up a narrative, puts it in a logical sequence, it's a full declaration, and it's what is believed among us.


Explain the benefit of doctrine and theology.

You will be convinced when you see the logical connection between various doctrines.


Explain the second benefit of doctrine and theology.

You will be able to remember it and understand it better.


Explain the third benefit of doctrine and theology.

You will be able to convince others better.


Why is having clear, Biblical doctrine so necessary?

Because it's important to know what you believe in, who you believe in, and why you believe it.


What is the essential difference between doctrine that comes from God and doctrine that comes from all other sources?

All doctrine from God is true while other doctrine can be false and true. However, all doctrine from Satan is false.


What is the essential different between "truth" and "error"?

God communicates truth while Satan communicated error.


How did Jesus teach doctrine?

Usually through parables.


Why is the "apostle's doctrine" authoritative for believers?

Jesus passed it on to the apostles.


What is the problem with doctrine that comes from man alone?

There can be error and falsity.


Is there doctrine that originates from Satan? What is its nature?

Yes, its nature is error.


Describe the essential nature of false doctrine.

False doctrine contradicts the Bible and truth, it is extreme, it is inconsistent, etc.


How is doctrine like leaven?

Because a little bit of false doctrine can affect the whole thing like how a little leaven can affect the whole dough.


How is doctrine like rain?

Doctrine can bring revival and can change/grow things.


How is doctrine like wind?

Like wind, you can't see doctrine but you can see the effects of it.


What is meant by "sound doctrine"?

Healthy, whole, and complete.


What is meant by "pure doctrine"?

There's no mixture or compromise.


What is the relationship between doctrine and character?

Doctrine we receive and believe determines character.


What is the relationship between our beliefs and our eternal destiny?

Eternal future is the product of what we really believe to be true.


What is the essential meaning of the idea of "revelation"?

Revelation means to uncover or unveil for a public display. It refers to God making Himself known to man.


What is the barrier between God and man that makes it impossible for man to find God on his own?

God is infinite while man is finite. God is holy while man is sinful.


How has sin affected man, especially as it pertains to his ability to find God?

Sin distorts our perception and it disqualifies us from revelation which divides us from God.


What is required for man to find God?

We don't find God, but rather God takes the initiative. It is through God's grace and mercy that we can have relationship with Him.


What is the purpose of revelation of God in nature?

It reveals the creator and his power.


What is the purpose of the revelation of God in conscience?

Reveals the existence of a lawgiver who places moral laws within us.


What is the purpose of the revelation of God in history?

It reveals the sovereignty of God.


What is the purpose of the revelation of God in miracles?

To reveal God's power and motivation in dealing with mankind.