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What is doctrine and why is it important to us as believers?

Doctrine that is received, believed, and practiced will determine our character.


What is the essential difference between doctrine that comes from God, and doctrine that comes from all other sources?

ALl doctrine from God is true while other doctrine can be false and true. However, all doctrine from Satan is false.


What is the relationship between doctrine and character?

Doctrine we receive and believe determines character.


What is required for us to find God?

We don't find God, but rather God takes the initiative. It is through God's grace and mercy that we can have relationship with Him.


What is the purpose of the revelation of God in Christ?

To reveal the person of God in his fullness.


What is the significance of the fact that the scriptures are inspired - even to the choice of words?

It has no error and we can base our eternal existence on it.


How does the unity of structure and themes give evidence of the inspiration of scripture?

There were 40 different authors and no contradiction.


To what degree are the scriptures reliable?

Really genuine, entirely truthful, believable, measure, tested and proven to be the inspired word of God, and absolute authority.


What evidence does the Christological Argument give for the existence of God?

If there is no God, then Jesus was insane and a deceiver.


What is the significance of the "moral attributes" of God?

These are attributes of God that we can possess. God is the perfect example of these attributes.


What is wrong with Atheism?

It states that there is no GOd. It's rooted in human arrogance and ignores facts and evidence for the existence of God.


What is the relationship between the three persons of the Godhead?

They form the Trinity and all share the same attributes.


What is the significance of the phrase: "distinguishable but indivisible"?

Although there are differences in personality, you can't divide or separate the Godhead.


What is the significance of the name of God?

We can have a better relationship with him and understand his character better.


How will our view of the nature of the Holy Spirit affect our relationship with HIm?

If the Holy Spirit is only an impersonal influence, we will tend to try to "use" it while we should want to find out how "He" can use us.


What is the significance of the title, "The spirit of Holiness"?

The Holy Spirit comes to make us holy, even as God is holy.


What evidence do we have for the existence of angels?

Thirty-four of the sixty-six books of the Bible teach the existence of angels. THe word "angel" is used about 275 times in the Bible.


What is the function of angels?

They exist to serve and minister.


How did angels minister to the members of the early church?

An angel opened the prison doors for Apostles.


What is the significance of the fact that Satan's domain is limited?

Satan's domain is limited by
time - it's not eternal
size - he's not omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient or sovereign
influence - he is still subject to God's control


How is Satan the "Prince of this World"?

Satan is not sovereign on the Earth, but is the ruler of the world system.


How is Satan being judged by the church?

The church is crushing the devil under their feet as people get saved.


What is the purpose of the occult?

To divert man's attention, allegiance, and worship from God to Satan.


Why is Christ's victory over Satan important to us as believers?

Because it is only through Christ's victory that we are victorious over Satan.