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What are the four legal requirements to get into federal court?

1) Subject Matter Jurisdiction
2) Personal Jurisdiction
3) Notice
4) Venue


What is Quasi-Legislative Law?

A law created by the executive through administrative and regulative areas.


What is Quasi-Adjudicatory Law?

Laws made through agency court cases


Where does due process come from?

A combination of the 5th and 14th amendments, plus the interpretations of the Supreme Court.


Define: Concurrent Jurisdiction

The case can be heard by multiple courts in multiple different jurisdictions


The Supreme Court will have the power to all cases arising under...

1) The Constitution
2) Laws of the United States
3) Treaties


The Supreme Court will have the power to all cases affecting...

1) Ambassadors
2) Public Ministers and Consuls
3) Admiralty and Maritime


The Supreme Court will have the power to hear controversies where...

a) Where the U.S. is a party
b) 2 or more states
c) Between citizens of two different states
d) A state and a citizen from another state
e) Between citizens of same state claiming lands
f) Between citizens of Us and foreign states citizens, or subjects.


When can a federal court review a state court decision?

1) When it is a federal issue being covered by the state court system.
2) When the highest state court has ruled on the issue.