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How can I win?

Beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21


How do i lose?

1) If the dealer gets closer to 21 than me
2) If I go over 21


Card Values

2-10 - Face Value
J, Q , K - 10
A - 1 or 11


How is the game dealt?

The dealer and player get dealt two cards but the dealer only shows one card.
The player always goes first. They have the option to stay or take more cards


What are the outcomes for a payout if the player wins?

The player wins in the equal amount they betted on
eg 5 will get me another 5 dollars


What are the outcomes for a payout if the dealer wins?

The player loses the whole bet.


What is pushing?

Pushing is to get the same value as the dealer so the player doesn't win or lose.


What is a blackjack

An Ace with a J,Q or K


What happens if I get a blackjack?

I automatically win


What are the payouts for a blackjack?

3 to 2 eg (150%)
If I bet 5 dollars I will get 10 dollars back


What payouts do I want to avoid for blackjacks?

6 to 5 or even payout


What are the 4 playing decisions?

Doubling Down


What is hitting?

Hitting is to take another card. You just do a small tap on the table.


What is standing?

Standing is to refuse another card. They just wave over your card.


What is doubling down?

Doubling down is when you place an equal bet to your original bet. You can only do that with your two original cards. Place the bet next to the original bet and put one finger out.

The dealer will then place that new card out sideways to signify you cant hit after that hand


What is splitting?

Splitting is an option when you have two cards that are of equal value eg pair of 2's .
To split those you are to put out an equal bet and then split my fingers outwards then I will get dealt into those two separate hands.
If it was split aces, I will only get dealt one hand and I cant hit that


What happens if the dealer gets an Ace up

I would put my bet into the insurance line which is 2 to 1 which will break even. This is not really recommended


What is surrendering

I slide my finger across the table and say surrender which will mean I lose half my bet. Only 10% of casinos do this/