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Seige of Mutina (6)

43 BC
Decimus refused to leave Cisalpine Gaul
Antony beseiged Mutina
Pansa Hirtius and Octavian when to defeat Antony
Pansa Hirtius died
Antony fled to southern Gaul
Senate declared Antony public enemy



43 BC
The Triumviris set up proscriptions


Death of Cicero (2)

43 BC
Died due to proscriptions


Battle of Philippi (8)

42 BC
Liberators - Brutus and Cassius vs. Avengers - Antony and Octavian
Brutus defeat Octavian
Antony defeats Cassius
Triumviris win in the end
Octavian gets the West
Antony the East
Lepidus gets Africa


Perusine War (5)

42 BC
Many Italians were angry about confiscation of land
Fulvia and Lucius whipped up discontent and fear amongst the people
Octavian chased them out of Rome to Pergugia
He won and made sure they never returned to Rome


Battle of Naulochus (5)

37 BC
Sextus continues to threaten the Triumviris
Lepidus and Agrippa force Sextus into battle
His troops are defeated and Sextus is killed
Octavian gets Lepidus stripped of his Triumviral powers and committed him to Cerceii


Repudiation of Octavia by Antony (4)

32 BC
To marry Cleopatra
Infuriates Octavian
Starts war


Marriage of Antony to Octavia (2)

40 BC
Sealed the Peace of Brundisium


Marriage of Livia and Octavian (3)

38 BC
Octavian and Livia get divorced so they can marry each other
Drusus and Tiberius become Octavian's stepchildren


Battle of Actium

31 BC
Antony was preparing military stations at Actium
Took place at sea
Was played to be a bigger battle then it really was


Suicide of Cleopatra (2)

30 BC
After the loss at Actium Cleopatra and Antony


Great Rebellion (3)

6 AD
Dalmatian and Pannonian (chief Bato) staged an uprising
Legate of Moesia held them back till Tiberius was able to take the offensive


Varian Disaster (4)

9 AD
Varus was using unpopular methods of taxation
Arminius knew the path he would travel in the Teutoberg forest and attacked him
Varus committed suicide and all this surviving men were tortured and executed