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What was the first battle of the Revolutionary War?

Battle of Lexington and Concord


Which countries signed the Treaty of Paris?

America and Great Britain


Who were the three American delegates who were sent to negotiate the treaty?

Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay


When did the talks about the Treaty of Paris begin?

April of 1782


When was the Treaty of Paris signed?

September 3, 1783


When was the Treaty of Paris ratified?

April of 1783


What did the Treaty of Paris provide for the Americans?

The British recognized them as an independent nation, they got the land which the land of the 13 colonies, they withdrew their troops, and allowed them to fish in the waters off the coast of Canada


What did the Treaty of Paris provide for the British?

It ensured that the Americans pay their debt to the British merchants and that the Continental Congress returns the loyalists' land (this didn't end up happening)


What did George Washington and his troops do after they settled in Trenton/Princeton, New Jersey?

Washington saw an opportunity in attacking the British. Washington and his troops crossed the icy Delaware River and captured 9,000 mercenaries. This was a huge moral victory and it recovered New Jersey as a recruiting ground.


Where did Cornwallis and his troops settle after Washington surprise attacked them (after the Patriot's victories in North Carolina)?



Where did Washington plan to attack the British, using French naval ships?