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what are the reasons the colonists wanted independence (give two reasons)

1 the British suspended American bodies of law
2 They were being taxed by the king without representatives in England


name the strengths and weaknesses of the American army(name 2)

American weaknesses

1)Continental Army was always short of men

2)Troops were not trained for battle

3)Not enough food

4)Not enough guns/gunpowder

American Strengths


2)Received help form overseas

3)The Rebels were familiar with the surroundings giving them the advantage of war

4)Guerrilla warfare


What is a declaration

a formal or explicit statement or announcement.


What was the purpose of each the three parts of the Declaration of Independence?

First paragraph called the PREAMBLE -states the purpose of the Dec.

Says our basic rights are god given rights, natural rights as humans
29 charges against KGIII each increasing in seriousness charges of Tyranny
2 ways to get rid of the king: 1] claim he is evil 2] claim he was useless/inept
KGIII was the evil kind of King
The attack on the king is an announcement of REVOLUTION

In the conclusion of the Dec. of Ind. is the first time we are called the United States of America [USA]


What documents influenced Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Jefferson was influenced by Magna Carta, John Locke's Enlightenment, and the English Declaration of Independence [1689]


Who were the five members of the committee to create the Declaration of Independence?

5 members: Thomas Jefferson [VA] John Adams [ MA] Benjamin Franklin [PA] Roger Sherman [CT] Robert Livingston [NY]


What were the strengths and weaknesses of the British army?

British Strengths

1)Professional Army consisting of 32,000 soldiers 10,00 sailers, and 52 warships, hired 8,000 German mercenaries

2)Recruited Loyalists, African Americans, and American Indians to fight with them

British Weaknesses
1)Distance between Great Britain and America

2)Long and expensive to send troops and supplies

3)KGIII had trouble convincing British people that defeating the colonists was important for the future of Great Britain

4)Poor leadership


A)What was the Treaty of Paris?

B)Who signed it?

C)Why was it important?

A) The Treaty of Paris was a negotiation between the Americans and the British.

B) Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams

C)It showed that the British acknowledged that 13 colonies were free, and it also established the boundaries between the British with the U.S.