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Who was the evil British king?

King George III (AKA KGIII)


What was Thomas Jefferson chosen to write?

The Declaration of Independence.
He was a very skilled writer


Who sent a letter to KGIII requesting freedom?

Continental Congress


Where was Richard Henry Lee from? On June 7, 1776, what did he bring to the Continental Congress

He brought a resolution stating freedom. This was the beginning of the Declaration of Independence.


Who was the member of the Declaration Committee from Massachusetts?

John Adams


Who was Nathan Hale? What was his famous quote?

He was a Patriot spy, who pretended to be a Dutch schoolteacher in the British army. He was ratted out by his cousin, and hanged for his actions. He was considered a hero to all of the Patriots.
"I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country."


Who were the Hessians? How do you pronounce "Hessians"?

Professional German soldiers hired By KGIII to help the British in battle.
hes·sian \ˈhe-shən\


Who signed the Declaration of Independence? Why was his signature so big?

John Hancock.
So that KGIII could read it without his glasses.


What was the Continental Army?

The Patriot army/the rebels/the American army


Who was the leader/Commander-in-chief/General of the Continental Army? What major tactic did he use to beat the British?

George Washington.
Guerrilla Warfare


Who was Benedict Arnold

A leader for the Patriots originally, who then traded sides and went to the British. As a Patriot, he ultimately started the Battle of Saratoga by blocking British ships from going down the Hudson River.


Who was General Lord Charles Cornwallis? What battle caused him to surrender?

A British General.
Battle of Yorktown