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Unprofessional conduct law

Contains 25 areas of jurisdiction:

Ex. How therapist manages transference & counter transference
Discharge of clinical skills
Practicing with an expired license
Failing to disclose fee before commencing treatment
Violating rules pertaining to supervision
Failure to maintain confidentiality
Advertising in a manner that is false, fraudulent or deceptive


Unprofessional conduct:

*convicting of crime related to qualifications, functions or duties of licensee or registrant.

*using controlled substances, dangerous drugs, and/or alcohol in a way that is dangerous or injurious to the public


MFT receiving a DUI

Even just one can spark BBS involvement and investigation because it evidences poor judgement and places therapist and public in danger.


If therapist proven guilty in Bad Acts or Unprofessional Conduct:

*Fines/compensatory damage
*suspension of license or intern number
*loss of job
*revocation of license/intern number
*Publicly shamed in magazine "The Therapist"


If a client complains to the BBS:
When client feels wronged by a therapist they can:

*a civil suit against them
*a complaint with licensing board (BBS)
*a complaint with a professional associations ethic's committee such as CAMFT, APA, ACA


Supervisors duties regarding substance abuse

*any suspected substance abuse must be orally reported to the Board and the licensee


*registrants employer within 1 business day of occurrence. If the time is outside of Board business hours, the oral report must be within 1 hour of the next business day.
Written report shall be submitted to the Board within 48 hours


Cite and Fine by BBS?

They are/include:
*issued by BBS - not a disciplinary action
*cease and desist order
*violations for laws and regulation
*can be contested within 30 days
*must be served by certified mail or in person
*fines may not exceed $2500 per violation
*failure to comply or pay can = disciplinary action


Medical Marijuana Use and your License

California Law - says "yes" those with physician's recommendation can possess it for personal use.

Federal Law- it is illegal, though under Obama admin - it was not the practice of the Feds to target medically necessitated MJ use.

Cali Therapists - do not use while working, it could impair judgement, clinical skills, and if negligence or patient harm results, the BBS would likely take disciplinary action.


Writing LETTERS to the court "on behalf" as an MFT

* You have the right to say NO
* Carefully consider, particularly in the matters of child custody

* pitfalls: BIAS, Dual relationship, pressure, scope of competency

*don't offer opinion/make assessment of someone you've never met (i.e. A spouse of a client during a custody hearing)