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Scope of Practice (Profession)

scope of practice” is the definition provided in the law that delineates what the profession does and places limits upon or confines the breadth of functions persons within a profession may lawfully perform.”


Scope of Competence (Individual)

“A scope of competence
also defines or limits what
the individual within the
profession may do and is
determined by ones’
education, training and


MFT scope of practice services performed

shall mean that service performed with individuals, couples or groups wherein interpersonal relationships are examined for the purpose of achieving more adequate , satisfying and productive marriage and family adjustments. This practice includes relationship and pre-marriage counseling.


MFT scope of practice principles and methods

methods includes, but is not limited to, the use of applied psychotherapeutic techniques, to enable individuals to mature and grow within marriage and the family. The provision of explanation and interpretation if the psychosexual and psychosocial aspects of relationships, and the use, application and integration of the coursework and training required by Section 4980.36, 4980. 37 and 4980,41.”


ACA Professional Competence

Counselors practice only within boundaries of their education, training and supervised experience,
state and national professional credentials, and
appropriate professional experience.


MFT & LPCC scope regarding nutritional advice

Under the Medical Practice Act…. It is lawful for an
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist /LPCC to provide nutritional advice in certain circumstances, but the therapist must be careful not to assert that a product may or will cure a particular disorder or condition.

* If nutritional advice is part of your practice, must post sign
with state mandated language in an “easily visible and
prominent place. Sign not smaller than 8 1/2/ by 11inches.
Lettering not letter than ½ inch


MFT's scope regarding psychological testing

From The Attorney General’s 1984 Opinion
MFTs have the statutory authority to construct, administer and interpret “psychological tests” but to do so only within the course of their practice, when within their field or fields of competence as established by education, training and experience, and when such could and would be used to examine an interpersonal relationship between spouses or members of a family for the purpose of achieving more adequate, satisfying and productive marriage and family adjustments.