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Questions in who should be parents?

- Rights and responsibilities

- The fertility paradox: regulation, access and equity

- Autonomy versus non-maleficence

- Social interference, social justice, social engineering

- Welfare of the child


What assisted reproduction techniques are possible?

- Artificial insemination
- In vitro fertilisation
- Gamete donation
- Embryo donation
- Use of artificial gametes
- Reproductive cloning


What uses are there of assisted reproduction (opportunities)?

- Infertility
- Single and same sex parents
- Prevention of inherited conditions
- Fertility preservation
- Sex selection
- Designer babies
- The reproduction industry


What "immoral" uses of assisted reproduction are there?

- Sex selection
- Designer babies
- The reproduction industry


Questions around infertility?

- What is infertility

- Who are infertile, a person versus couple

- Absolute versus impediment

- Who should be offered treatment

- What treatment should be offered

- How should fertility treatment be funded


How can infertility treatment be used to create a disability free baby (or designer baby)?

- Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

- Pre-implantation genetic testing for anomalies

- Some people may even choose to seek disability (Deafness and achondroplasia)


What can designer babies be used for?

- Sex selection
- Saviour siblings
- Seeking disability
- Seeking certain characteristics


What arguments are there in sex selection?

- Undermine the status of women
- Gender ratio imbalance
- Against nature
- Parental love
- Virtue of acceptance


What can social egg freezing be used for?

- Impact/lengthen the age of fertility in women
- Reproductive control
- Allows fertility after certain medical treatments/illnesses


What issues surround egg freezing?

- Financial implications
- Pregnancies beyond menopausal age


Pros and cons of the reproduction industry?

- Opportunity for parenthood

- Problems with access
- Potential for exploitation


What questions surround the status of an embryo?

- When does life begin and the primitive streak?

- Use of embryonic stem cells

- Pain and neurological development?


Pros and cons of abortion

- Acknowledges sexual and reproductive rights of women
- Reduces risk of harm physically and mentally of an unwanted pregnancy
- Safe abortions save lives globally
- Wanted children thrive

- Denial of rights of an embryo/fetus
- Eliminating the potential of life
- Contraception should be used as an alternative


Which questions surround pre-natal screening?

- Justified?
- Whose decision?
- Which conditions should be screened?
- Should screening be used as a determining factor in terminating a pregnancy?


Which questions surround neonatal care?

- The right to be resuscitated?
- Criteria for resuscitation ?
- Living a disability free life, who decides?


What are the ethical issues surrounding the beginning of life?

- Who has a voice? Mother, father, child?
- Autonomy, for whom?
- Beneficence, for whom?
- Non-Maleficence, for whom?
- Utilitarianism: Individual verse collective good
- Can the end justify the means?