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Does Estrogen affect aggression?

No, but testosterone does


Does social facilitation include people helping?

No, only people watched performing the action


How does social facilitation affect easier versus harder tasks?

Social facilitation helps performing easier tasks, hinders harder tasks


How are visual fields processed

They are processed contralaterally


Does a bureaucracy act as a meritocracy?

No, as the bureaucracy has non-elected people make the decision


How do norms/mores differ from folkways

Folkways are more about polite things in specific circumstances, norms/mores are more general right vs wrong, etc.


What is the characteristics of a country in Stage 4 demographic transition

Birth Rate and death rate decrease in parallel, population is unchanged (after industrialization, late)


What is the characteristics of a country in Stage 3 demographic transition

The death rate exceeds the birth rate and the population decreases (just after industrialization)


What is the characteristics of a country in Stage 2 demographic transition

The birth rate exceeds the death rate and the population increases (early industrialization)


What is the characteristics of a country in Stage 1 demographic transition

The birth rate, death rate, and population are stabilized (pre-industrialization)


What is the difference between conformity by internalization and normative conformity

Conformity by internalization deals with changing your personal belief to fall inline while normative conformity is still disagreeing internally but being afraid to disagree openly due to fear of rejection


How is compliance different to conformity (normative or by internalization)

Compliance is due to a direct request


What are the four pillars of the information processing model

1)Thinking requires sensation, encoding, and storage of stimuli
2)Stimuli must be analyzed by the brain to be useful in making a decision (not just snap judgement)
3) Decisions made in one situation can be used in solving others (situational modification)
4) problem-solving is dependent not only on the person's cognitive level, but also on the context and complexity of the problem


What is the identity shift effect?

it is how individuals will change their behavior to conform to the norms of a group


True or False: Does being "proactive" or "reactive" have to do with the consequence and timing of its movement?



Proactive versus reactive movements?

Proactive social movements promote social change whereas reactive movements resist social change


How do melatonin and cortisol interact?

Melatonin helps you sleep, cortisol wakes you up


Where does melatonin come from?

Melatonin comes from the pineal gland


Where does cortisol come from?

Cortisol comes from the pituitary gland


What is a clear way to discern a randomized control trial?

If there is not a control or not


What is a clear way to discern a longitudinal study?

The same experiments must be done over a PERIOD of time


Describe a case-control study

A case-control study works retroactively, with two different outcomes being analyzed and then seeing what might be a possible risk