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Durkheim: The sacred and The profane

The sacred are the things set apart and forbidden eg. Christina cross. The profane are ordinary things that have no special significance eg. A streetlight.


Parsons two functions of religion

1. It creates and legitimates society’s basic norms and values by making them scared.
2. It provides a source of meaning, answering ultimate questions about life.


What is an Ideology

Is a belief system that distorts people’s perception of reality in the interests of the ruling class.


Marx’s view of religion

Religion operates as an ideological weapon used by the ruling class to legitimate (justify) the suffering of the poor as something inevitable and god given


Lenin: Spiritual gin

Describes religion as ‘spiritual gin’ that confuses the WC and keeps them in their place. The ruling class use religion to manipulate the masses and keep them from attempting to overthrow capitalism by creating a mystical fog that obscures reality.


Examples of patriarchy in religion

1. Religious organisations are mainly male dominated.
2. Places of worship often segregates the sexes and marginalise women in acts of worship.
3. Religious laws and customs often gives women fewer rights than men.


Why is religion seen as conservative force?

It is seen as a conservative force because it defends traditional customs, institutions, or moral view. It functions to conserve or preserve things as they are, maintaining the status quo.


Functionalists view of religion

They see religion as a conservative force, maintains social stability and preventing disintegration.


Marxists view of religion

Marx see religion as a conservative ideology preventing social change. By legitimating or disguising inequality, it creates false consciousness in the working class and prevent revolution.


Feminists view of religion

Feminists see religion as a conservative force because it legitimates patriarchy power and maintains women’s subordination in the family and society.


What is modern capitalism?

It is based on the systematic, efficient, rational pursuit of profit for its own sake, rather than for spending on luxuries. Weber calls this the spirit of capitalism.


Calvinists life

They lead an ascetic lifestyle shunning all luxury, working long hours and practicing rigorous self discipline.


What is New Christian Rights?

Is pol


The Marxists Bloch

See religion as having a dual character. He accepts that religion often inhibits change, but argues it can also inspire protest and rebellion.


What is Liberation theology ?

Liberation theology is a movement that emerged within the Catholic Church in Latin America in the 1960s with a strong commitment to the poor.


What is Millenarian movements ?

Are an example of the desire to change things here and now, to bring about the kingdom of god on earth.