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What is Numbers 27 about (summary)

Moses was approached about Inheritance not being received after their father died. After approaching the Lord, Moses said if no son, daughter may have inheritance. If no daughter his brothers. If no brothers then to the nearest relative.


Is Numbers 27 being used for conservatism or liberal



How is Numbers 27 being used

to show that the Bible stresses the importance of private property and inheritance. There is to be individualism in divided Israel. Each family is to get their own property


What is Deuteronomy 17 about (summary)

When you enter the land of the Lord, take possession over it. Appoint a King the Lord chooses. Not allowed to have a foreigner. He must not have many riches, horses, wives, silver or gold. He is to write a copy of the Law, read it everyday, and revere the Lord.


Is Deuteronomy 17 conservatism or liberal



How is Deuteronomy 17 being used

The qualifications of a King are tied to character
Is to be an Israelite
Not to big an army to rely on God
Not to big wealth to worship God
Write copy of law so no excuse
Govern according to God's law


What is Exodus 18 about

Jethro tells Moses how to not be overwhelmed with all the issues. Appoint rulers of character over 1000, 100, 50s to be judges. Hard cases he will deal with. Teach the people the law to lessen his load and therefore there will be less cases that come to him


What does Exodus 18 show and relate to Poli Sci

Shows federalism- government is broken down into rulers


What is Genesis 1 about

Shows God as a creator making the universe and world


What does Genesis 1 show

That there is a God
He is a creative God
There are ethical absolutes
Humans are made in God's image


What is Genesis 2 about

We are given the mandate to work and care for the creation


What is Romans 1:18-32 about (summary)

God's wrath on the unrighteous
The sinful nature of man that does not please God


What does Romans 1:18-32 connect to Poli Sci

It shows the human nature of man and what he is like since the fall. It shows that man is sinful


What is Exodus 1:15-21 about (summary)

King of Egypt spoke to Hebrew midwives to kill all sons of the Hebrew women. But midwives saved male children and feared God by lieing to the pharaoh.


What is Exodus 1:15-21 connect to Poli Sci

The Law is not always correct, God's rules stand in authority to those of earth


What is Exodus 22:28 about (summary)

we are not to revile against God or blaspheme our earthly rulers


What is II Chronicles 19: 4-7 about (summary)

Jehosephat went among the people and brought them back to the Lord. He set judges in the land, that would judge for the Lord. They have qualifications, no iniquity with the Lord, no bribes


What is Ezra 7:26 about (summary)

Ezra was a skilled scribe in the Law of Moses. The king respected the Lord and granted Ezra's requests


What is Psalm 82: 1-4 about (summary)

Judges who judge unjustly and partially to the wicked are to be condemned. We are to defend the poor and fatherless. Do justice to the afflicted and needy, deliver the poor and needy from the wicked


What is Proverbs 29:4 about (summary)

King establishes land by justice, he who receives bribes overthrows it


What is Ecclesiastes 8:2-5 about (summary)

King commandments are to be kept just as God's commands. Do not stand for evil. The King's word has power. He who keeps king's word will not experience harm. Wise man's heart discerns time and judgment


What is Proverbs 8:15-16 about (summary)

Kings reign through God, rulers decree justice. Princes rule because of God


What is Isaiah 10:1-2 about (summary)

Weary to those who decree unrighteous decrees, who write misfortune, rob needy, take what is right from the poor, that widows become pray and the fatherless are robbed


What is Daniel 2: 19-21 about (summary)

a secret was revelead to Daniel in a dream. God will be blessed forever, wisdom and might are his. God removes kings and raises up kings. Gives wisdom to the wise knowledge to those with understanding


What is Daniel 3 about (summary)

Shadrach, Meshack, and Abendigo
fiery furnace,
would not bow down to God
Nebuchadnezzar praises God in the end and makes people worship the true God


What is Daniel 4: 28-34 about (summary)

Nebuchadnezzar praises God even in the rough times
He learns of God's soverignty
Nebuchadnezzar has a dream in which a tree will be cut down, he shall dwell with beasts, eat the grass like an ox
Daniel interprets this dream
all earthly power is subordinate to the power of God


What is Daniel 5: 18-31 about (summary)

Belshazzars feast
a hand appears and writes on the wall
Daniel interprets the writing
Daniel reminds Belshazzar that Nebuchadnezzar was thrown down when he got arrogant until he remembered God's sovereignty
Belshazzar has likewise blasphemed God
Belshazzar's days are numbered as God found him weighted
Medes and Persians will receive kingdom


What is Daniel 6 about (summary)

People who wanted to see harm done to Daniel went to the King to make a rule that whoever worshipped God was to be thrown in Lion's Den. King agreed
Daniel worshipped his God, and was thrown into lions Den. But angel shut the mouth's of the lions. Darius honored David's God and threw the other men into the lions den who killed them. Darius said every man must tremble and fear God.


What is I Samuel 8 about (summary)

Israel wants a King. God comes to Samuel and tells him to warn the people that he will not hear them in the day when things go bad and they are worse off.


What is I Samuel 8 being used in Poli Sci

For support of conservatism that Government will ultimately harm you more.


What is Leviticus 14 about (summary)

Deals with the ritual for impurity, cleansing skin of leprous diseases, plague, discharge, menstruation. Once cleansed sacrificed one of two birds, two male lambs, ewe, flour, and oil. If poor was being cleansed they could bring two doves.


What is I Kings 21 about (summary)

Naboth's vineyard
Ahab wanted the vineyard but according to God's rules it was forbidden. He went to Jezebel and Jezebel found two people to falsely testify against Naboth. Naboth was stoned and government took his land.
The Lord then condemns Ahab and Jezebel for doing evil. until Ahab humbled himself before God


What is Matthew 20 about (summary)

Parable of the landowners
Workers at several times of the day all worked for a Denarius


What is II Thessalonians 3:10 about (summary)

if you do not work you should not eat


What is the year of Jubilee

occurs every 50 years in which people are to return land back to rightful owners


What is Deuteronomy 14 about (summary)

Every third year, people are to tithe and bring produce so that the poor may have something to live off of and survive


How does Joseph represent liberalism

Joseph had the government distribute the food out during the famine


What is Colossians 3:10 about (summary)

a new man created in Christ is to be renewed in the image of God and recognize he is created by God


What does Colossians 3:10 show us

that God has sent the holy spirit to help us become renewed in the image of God


What does Romans as a whole show us

the need for order within our society


What is Romans 12 about (summary)

we are to be transformed, not repay evil with evil but with good
Shows how we are to be transformed
Not to conform to the world
Do not take vengeance on enemies


What is Romans 13 about (summary)

the government brings order to prevent the chaos and evil of the fall
It is the role of the government to punish not ours


How do Romans 12 and 13 represent in poli sci

That God provides a series of institutions to help bring order out of the chaos of the fall


What is Genesis 3 about (summary)

the fall of man to sin
disobeying God


What does Genesis 3 show

man is marred by sin and he is no longer righteous


What is Colossians 1:15-17 about (summary)

God is the firstborn over all creation
all things are created by him and for him
He is before all things and all things consist through him


What is II TImothy 3:16 about (summary)

all scripture is given by God
it is profitable for instruction, reproof, correction


What does II Timothy 3:16 show

That we are rational but have surpressed the truth


What is Romans 1:18 about (summary)

wrath of God is revealed against the unrighteous who suppress the truth of God