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Why does the buret test turn purple?

The presence of peptide bonds causes copper ions to be reduced from 2+ to 1+ causing colour change


Explain how a resistant parasite population is likely to arise and limit the life of any new anti malarial drug?

The parasite has mutated against drug
Changed DNA base sequence/proteins or codes for
Expresses different antigens
Resistant ones are able to reproduce and pass on resistance allele


How to treat a control group

Treat the same as experimental group but without drug that testing


Explain why Maltase only breaks down maltose/allows the reaction to take place at normal body temperature

It has a tertiary structure (maltose) means that it has an active site complementary to the shape of maltose and they will therefore bind to form an enzyme-substrate complex
This reaction requires no activation energy as the enzyme acts as a catalyst. It works best at body temperature


Role of nucleolus

Produces rna and protein subunits for a ribosome
Where it leaves the nucleus via a nucleus pore to go to RER


How a tadpoles tail is absorbed/produced to a frog

Produces lysosomes


Bacteria v eukaryotic cell

Has circular DNA
No nucleus
No membrane bound organelles
Small ribosomes


Advantage of mitochondria being no more than 1 micrometer in width

Bigger surface area to volume ratio


Test for non-reducing sugar

Grind sample
Benedictus Reagan’s
Heat for 5 mins
Add acid
Red colour


Describe how you would use a microscope to find the mean diameter of triglyceride drooled on a slide

Use a ruler to estimate the field diameter under microscope
How many droplets go across the field
Record a mean average and repeat
Eyepiece graticule
Calibrate with stage micrometer