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Why does the biological explanation think that schizophrenia runs in families?

It believes that there is a schizophrenia gene


What is the likely hood of someone developing schizophrenia?

the likely hood of someone developing schizophrenia is one in one hundred


what explanation for schizophrenia running in families would counter the biological approach?

The behavioural explanation for schizophrenia believes that the environment plays a larger role in mental disorders. Families share environments as well as genetics.


Gottesman conducted a study that took evidence from 40 family studies. what did he find?

he found that closer family members are at a higher risk of developing schizophrenia.


what is the second most pressing issue with family research?

the data gained is retrospective


why is retrospective research even less valid when it comes to looking into schizophrenia?

the diagnosis guides are constantly going through new revisions. the one used to diagnose patients in a past study could be an old edition.


what is the main issue with family research?

families often share the same environment and genetics. it is hard to determine which causes their similarities.


what did gottesman find that supports the nature side of the nature vs nurture debate.

he found that most schizophrenics did not have a mother with schizophrenia and that two thirds didn't have a first degree relative with it.


what was the concordance rate of schizophrenia for mz twins?



what does monozygotic twins mean?

it means identical twins


what does di-zygotic twins mean?

it means non identical twins.


what was the concordance rate of schizophrenia for dz twins?



what do the results of the twin studies research suggest?

that genetics must play some role in schizophrenia


why are genetics not 100% the soul cause of schizophrenia according to twin studies carried out by gottesman.

because the concordance rates in twins was not 100%


what is a prospective study ?

Unlike a restrospective study as it occurs?


why do prospective have more validity than retrospective test

there is less chance of participants incorrectly recalling information


what is the time validity of a study based on

time validity is based on when a study was conducted the more recent studies have higher validity


what study did Tienari carry out?

He carried out a prospective study using a group of a 190 adopted children. Who's birth mothers had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. A control group was used.


what percentage chance did the children biological mothers who were diagnosed with schizophrenia in tienari's study have of developing schizophrenia.

5.4 percent


what percentage chance did the children in tienari's study have of developing schizophrenia who didn't have a schizophrenic mother?



what do the findings of tianari's study tell us?

That there is a strong genetic component in the development of schizophrenia.


who re examined Tianari's data and showed an interaction between genes and enviroment?



what did whlbergs re examination of tianari's data show?

It showed that high risk children did worse. If they were adopted into a family with poor communication.


what is the best conclusion that can be made regarding the biological explanation of schizophrenia.

that genes pre dispose an individual to schizophrenia and that other factors determine whether or not she


has the gene responsible for schizophrenia been identified?

there are no definitive results