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What does ICD stand for?

International classification of diseases (comes from the word health organisation and is used in the uk)


What does DSM stand for?

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (used in the usa)


What does reliability refer to?

consistency (If a diagnosis is repeated by examiner you should find the same results)


What does validity refer to?

accuracy (if a diagnosis of schizophrenia, for example, is given, we would expect that it is accurate)


What is the problem with inter classification of schizophrenia?

The two diagnostic systems could mean that you have schizophrenia in one country but not another.


what is it called when two different doctors study the same patient using the same diagnostic system but come to different conclusions?

low inter-rater reliability (this has been an issue for schizophrenia but has improved over the revised modern edition)


why is diagnosis of schizophrenia (and most other mental disorders) hard?

because there is a lack of objective testing and doctors have to rely on accurate self reports.


what does Co-morbidity mean?

patients who suffer from two or more mental disorders at a time (this makes diagnosis for mental disorders more difficult and could mean the patient is given the wrong treatment)