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characteristics of the tundra

-youngest biome
-northern latitudes (50-70 north of the equator)
-cold year round
-nutrient poor soil/permafrost layer
-months of darkness/months of sunshine
-animals adapt to severe cold (hibernation, burrowing lifestyle)
-wide open spaces

*similar to the taiga but without ability to grow trees


characteristics of the alpine

-generally cold
-moderate precipitation
-occur in high altitudes 10,000 feet or higher
-low CO2, high UV, windy year round, extreme cold
-low diversity


characteristics of the taiga

aka "needleleaf forest, boreal forest"
-mild summer, cold winter (harsh and snowy)
-occur just south of the tundra biomes
-regular precipitation year round
-low plant diversity, high insect load with insect predators (lots of birds)
-just like the tundra, but there is a growing season


characteristics of the temperate coniferous forest

-warm summer, mild winter
-more humid on coast, dry inland
-lots of broadleaf/needleleaf conifers
-regular rainfall
-high biodiversity
-broadleaf evergreen and deciduous trees


characteristics of the deciduous forest

-warm average annual temp
-4 seasons
-what WE live in!
-highly fertile soil
-leaves drop in the winter
-moderate annual precipitation


characteristics of the temperate grassland (prairie)

-broad areas of open meadow
-grasses, annuals, herbs
-tall grass prairie is humid/wet
-short grass prairie is dry and more extreme
-always windy
-no trees


characteristics of the desert

-hot and dry days
-cold and dry evenings
-limited vegetation
-lots of adaptation from lack of water stresses


characteristics of chaparral

(aka mediterranean)
-hot summer, milder winter
-most precipitation is in the winter
-mid latitude climates


characteristics of savanna

(aka tropical grassland)
-hot summer, hot winter
-lots of rain in rainy season, none in dry season
-broad grasslands with shrubs and trees
-home to large grazing animals
-found between grasslands and rainforests


characteristics of the rainforest

-dominated by large trees
-high average annual rainfall
-warm all year, no fluctuation
-many medicinal plants in rainforests
-now occupy less than 6% of earths surface (sadly due to construction)
-over 1/2 of all species live in rainforest biomes