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Julie's analyzing the effectiveness of the immune system in plant. She is likely to determine that the immune system of most plant?

Uses physical methods to prevent access of pathogens.


A group of highly specific structures produced by the body of an animal in response to particular pathogen are:



When Allison has the choice between flavor saver tomatoes and natural organic Variety, she most often chooses a natural variety a because:

The natural tomatoes will lose their taste


Jackie's trying to avoid genetically modified foods as she shots for groceries. She knows the regulatory agencies require the food containing genetically modified organisms be...

Labeled if the organisms are not "substantially equivalent" to normal products


Which is the best description of the NCDA guidelines classifying food containing genetically modified organisms as organic?

Allowed as long as organisms were produced in accordance with other organic guidelines.


US regulatory agency most responsible for assuring the genetically modified organisms is no significant risk to the environment or natural populations is the…



The FDA is only involved in the regulation of genetically engineered organisms intended for...

Human consumption


Mary is increasing the BT corn as part of her farming operation. What are you in for her increase is…

Genetically engineered products used for human consumption are increasing


For early-stage development to commercial production, the creation of single genetically modified crops requires an investment of between $50 to $300 and…

6 to 12 years


As a result of a study conducted in the early part of the decade citing BT crops and the major threat tomorrow butterflies…

Or quickly proven to be inaccurate and unfounded by numerous follow-up studies


Mary is increasing BT corn as a part of her farming operation. One reason for her to increase is…

Genetically engineered products to used for human consumption are increasing.


Agricultural research facilities experiencing problems with contaminants during the field trials for the transgenic crop most likely report the problem too..



Concerns over what issue have are most likely responsible for recent bands on the use of genetic modified organisms in food in Europe and Africa?

Food safety


The use of animal stem cells and agriscience research has resulted in substantial ethical debates, as the cells can only produced by the…

Destruction of developing embryos


The production of transgenic plants has progressed a quicker rate than animals, as production of transgenic animals requires numerous attempts and sometimes hundreds, each failure resulting in…

Death of a developing embryo


Debate over the ethics of about technology technique is often heated as ethics are…

Determined on an individual basis based on experiences, values, and norms.


Though highly notable exceptions exist, the vast majority about technology applications agriscience...

Do not pose ethical dilemmas for most individuals


The most common reason individuals organizations express opposition to the use about technology techniques in agriscience is..

Concerns over the ethics of biotechnology techniques


For the most part the American public has excepted transgenic organisms, particularly plants, because of the critical need for…

Increase food production and environmental accountability


Joni has fears about the use of BT crops. Her fears most likely center around…

The long-term effects of using BT crops


Matthew is more concerned about transgenic animals been genetically modified crops mainly because…

To harvest stem cells needed for transgenic animals, embryos have to be destroyed.


The creation of medical substances and plants and animals, either normal or transgenic is called…



Pharmaceuticals are compounds used in plants and animals to…

Improve health and welfare


The immune responses of higher animals are controlled by the…

Lymph system


Leukocytes, or white blood cells, react to threats to the body by…

Helping to fight off antigens in the bloodstream


Ribosomes are responsible for…

The production of proteins in cells


Researchers are currently experimenting with the insert insertion of human DNA into pig embryos to produce swine...

With organs that would be accepted by human transplant patients


Gene therapies using plants and animals to cure diseases by…

Replacing DNA coding for genetic disorders


Agricultural researchers are working with insertion of genes into bananas is another plants I have code for production of antigens to serve as…

Edible vaccines


Agricultural researchers have been experimenting with the insertion of human DNA into the stem cells of animals, as the ability of cells to differentiate can be useful in…

The production of human skin, muscle, and other tissue