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The presence of fuzzy colored spots on the surface of fruits, bread, other foods is an indication of the growth of a:



During the phytoremediation experiment l, Emmanuel is having little success removing large quantities of contaminants from soil, despite flourishing vegetative growth from testing plants. A likely explanation for this lack of removal is that Emmanuel used plants with:

Weak, shallow roots system


While planning a bioremediation experiment, Keith hopes to fine the conditions best suites for a species of bacteria to remove contaminants from soil. The variable he should attempt to alter in each soil sample are:

Moisture content, temperature, oh


A scientifically valid control group for a soil bioremediation experiment testing the effect of various plants in removing contaminants, should differ from the experimental groups only in the:

Presence of no plants in the sample


Cal is conducting a bioremediation experiment testing the effectiveness of various bacteria at removing fertilizer waste from water samples. Cal should Tessy impact the bacteria in each sample by:

Regularly test the water using immunoassay test


Aerobic bacteria are often used in Bioremediation experiments attempting to remove contaminants from water sources, however these bacteria are often require the use of an air pump to

Oxygenate the sample water


Balloons are often used in bioremediation experiments to

Capture gases produced by bacteria During fermentation processes


Agricultural production techniques utilizing transgenic crops with insect resistance have improved the biodiversity of insect populations and surrounding areas by

Preventing the death of nontarget insects


An example of sustainability is the use of genetically altered bacteria to produce medicines and medical substances as a bacteria

Quickly reproduce creating a plentiful supply unlike natural plant and animal sources


The use of cloned animals to increase the number of organisms in endangered population is seen as dangerous by many scientists who think practice will

Disrupt game fly through natural reproduction in the population


The production of an Asian Guar named Noah in 2000 was significant as it was the first successful

Clone to be born from a surrogate mother of another species


According to recent studies the use of BT crops and other transgenic plants in the United States has help farmers to decrease

Pesticide use by more than 46 million pounds


Agriscience researchers attempting to develop alternatives for fossil fuels, please biodiesel andethanol using

Organic agricultural products and byproducts


A biotechnology technique most used to clean superfund sites and other contaminated areas is



When the first important commercial applications of modern bioremediation techniques was the use of bacteria to

Consume create all released in the ocean from tanker spills


BSM immunoassay test is an important method for the

Detection of a large number of contaminants at very low levels


The placement of a cheap, expendable fish highly suseptible to change in pH and fish tank full of expensive eels is an example of the use of

Indicator species


Scientists have recently inserted genes from bacteria and animals into cottonwood trees, allowing the trees to convert heavy metals to useful forms. This makes transgenic cottonwoods a good candidate for use in



The use of genetically altered transgenic organisms as Biological controls for insect and plant pests has increased as researchers have been able to use more

Predatory and parasitic organisms


Recent attempts to create new efficient biofuels have produced a diesel fuel that

Those more expensive than regular diesel, is sustainable and quickly biodegrades


The use of biosensors and agriscience allow agriculturalist to monitor minor changes and ecosystem by using a transducer to measure

The responding changes in the specific population of organisms


Salmonella is the most common bacteria often transmitted to humans from

Raw eggs


Jimmy is conducting spearmint gum safety of pickled foods by testing the bacteria levels in jars for six months. The variable most likely to that bacteria levels is the

PH level


Jen discovers that the lid of the canning jar is popped out prior to opening the jar. The canned materials are most likely

Contaminated by a potentially deadly toxins


Holly tested several cracked eggs for the presence of salmonella. If she places samples testing positive in the freezer for one week then she removes the sample she should expect to find

Nearly the same levels of salmonella before


Mohammed uses irradiation in his restaurant in order to

Quickly sterilize feet without having a noticeable effect on it's taste


Ishmael removes the water in meat that he wishes to preserve by dehydration and salting. Both methods are effective because

Bacteria cannot live and function


Hector is testing on bacteria growth rates in cottage cheese. In order to preserve the samples without changing the bacterial populations, he stores the samples by

Freezing the cottage cheese slightly below 0°C


An example of recent attempts of scientists to remove the genes responsible for the production of negative substances in foods is the attempt to remove

Caffeine from coffee beans


Decreases in the time required for bread to rise or beer to Ferment can most likely be achieved through the creation of

Transgenic yeast