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What seperates the ethmoid air cells from the orbit?

Lamina Papyracea or Orbital Lamina
Its the lateral bony plate of the ethmoid bone seperating the air cells from the orbit


Which part of the facial nerve innervates bilaterally?

The part to the forehead


Describe the arrangement of nerves in the IAM?

Split into 4 quadrants:
- Post-Inf = Inferior Vestibular
- Post-Sup = Superior Vestibular
- Ant-Inf = Cochlear
- Ant- Sup = Facial

(7up Coke Down = VII nerve superior and Cochlear nerve inf)


Describe the structure of the cochlea:

Scala Tympani (Tympanic Duct) runs around the Scala Media (cochlear Duct) which contains the Organ of corti on which the hair cells are found.

ST = Perilymph
SC = Endolymph


Describe the semi-circular Canals:

- Sup/Ant (Vertical in the Sagittal Plane so nodding/tipping head)
- Post (Coronal Plane)
- Lateral (Transverse plane so does turning of head)

These orientations are not very precise


Which end of the cochlea is high frequency sound detected at?

Basal turn i.e. closer to the Oval window.

(So does that mean low Frequency sounds travel further round?)