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Question 1:
Two officers discussing still water operations identified which incorrect comment?

A: When a report is received that individuals are stranded due to flooding, a Water Rescue Team consisting of a Water Rescue Company and an Engine Company will be dispatched. The Water Rescue Team will be equipped with a 14-foot Flat Bottom Boat, waders, CWS’s, and PFD’s.

B: When the Water Rescue Company is a Ladder Company, an Engine Company will be dispatched to transport the Flat Bottom Boat. Priority will be given to dispatching the Engine that is quartered with the Ladder Company, when available.

C: When the Water Rescue Company is an Engine Company, they will transport the Flat Bottom Boat, and a neighboring Engine Company will be dispatched to assist in operations.

D:Members of Water Rescue Companies trained in the use of Cold Water Suits shall don the suits prior to commencing operations. The remaining members of the Water Rescue Team shall be equipped with waders and a PFD. Only under extreme circumstances should a member enter the water without a Cold Water Suit or waders and a PFD.

D Explanation:
No member shall entDer the water unless equipped with a Cold Water Suit or waders and a PFD.
AUC 159 Add 7 4.1-4.4


Question 2:
FAST units shall be assigned on the transmission of all of the following signals except?

A: 10-60

B: 10-66

C: 10-75

D: 10-76

E: 10-77


F Explanation:
Remember, the FAST can be either an Engine or Ladder Company
Communications ch 7 page 12


Question 3:
Which choice below is incorrect regarding NYC Transit’s Emergency Evacuation Device (EED)?

A: The EED is a yellow, 7-foot long device with steps on the front and a flat surface on the backside. A non-skid surface is applied to both sides. Each unit weighs approximately 42 pounds.

B:Keys to remove EEDs from their mounting brackets are only available at full-time token booths. are secured with a corrosion resistant padlock. If a key cannot be obtained, the locks can be forced using conventional forcible entry methods.

C: When positioned against the side or end doors of a subway car the EED will reach the roadbed at approximately a 70° angle (safe for ascent / descent) and the steps will provide a horizontal stepping surface. A notch cut in the beams on one end of the ladder helps to anchor the EED in position against the car and or platform.

D:These devices are constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic and are electrically nonconductive for use within the confines of the subway environment.

B Explanation:
Keys to remove EEDs from their mounting brackets are available at EVERY token booth.
AUC 207 Add 11 2.1-2.3, 3.4


Question 4:
Company officers can request Handie-Talkie (HT) recordings to provide the opportunity to critique and improve fire ground communications. Choose the correct procedure to request HT recordings.

A: Company Officers can fax a request form directly to the HT recording unit

B:Officers or units requesting handie-talkie audio must send an email from an FDNY address to HT unit email address

C: After faxing the request form directly to the HT unit, the company officer is to forward the original request form to the Borough Commander via chain of command

D:Use of HT recordings for non-Departmental business is allowed if the company commander allows it.

B Explanation:
***Recent update
B. Communications ch 9 add 1 sec 8
D. Use of HT recordings for non-Departmental business is prohibited. They shall be kept in a designated secure location in the company office when not in use


Question 5:
At Rowframe fires, the danger of collapse is a factor deserving consideration. Which choice below is incorrect?

A: A heavy fire in the cockloft will burn roof supports and cause the collapse of the roof into the top floor.

B:Collapse of sidewalls is a danger. This is especially true where buildings within the row have been demolished and removed, unless the walls bordering this gap are braced.

C: The weight of a fire escape can cause a complete collapse of an exterior wall. Brick veneer and stucco facing can collapse in sections or as a complete unit.

D: When a serious fire burns out the entire first floor, there is danger of collapse, especially in corner buildings and buildings standing alone.

B Explanation:
Collapse of sidewalls is a danger. This is especially true where buildings within the row have been demolished and removed. EVEN WHEN walls bordering this gap are braced, the danger is STILL present.
RF 5.4



Question 6:
As a first responder, there are certain precautions/procedures you must take when arriving to a possible haz-mat incident. Select the incorrect precaution/procedure

A: Because no info is available from books or other resources, do not assume that the involved material is not hazardous

B: It is possible to have vehicles transporting up to 1000 pounds of a hazardous substance without placards visible on the outside

C: Do not assume that a small leak in a small container is insignificant

D: Empty containers may be more hazardous than full ones

E: Under no circumstances are members to touch, taste, or smell any substance suspected of being hazardous

F:Immediately use water on any substance that is fuming

F Explanation:
Do not use water on any substance that is fuming until after proper identification and hazard assessment
haz mat ch 2 page 4


Question 7:
Which tools below should be taken by the the Officer and Forcible Entry Team for a High Rise Fireproof Multiple Dwelling fire? 1. Extinguisher 2. Chainsaw 3. hook 4. axe 5. halligan 6. Hydra Ram 7. search rope 8. SCBA 9. carbon monoxide meter 10. Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) 11. LSR


B: 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


D: 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,11

A Explanation:
MD 6.14.2


Question 8:
For a top floor fire, in a Mill Loft building, who brings the saw to the roof?

A: 1st Roof FF

B:2nd Roof FF

C: 1st OV FF

D: 2nd OV FF

B This is for Cast-Iron and Mill Loft Buildings
Access to roof will be an adjoining building, Aerial/TL, or a fire escape.
In Fireproof Loft Buildings, ladder company operations shall be conducted as per Fireproof Multiple Dwellings
Lofts 7.2.1.D.1, 7.2.3.D.1, and 7.3.1.A


Question 9:
At a cellar fire in a private dwelling, the IC should consider ordering an exterior hoseline operated into a cellar window to allow for a quick knockdown when there will be a delay in applying water from the interior or whenever fire conditions dictate. Which choice is incorrect regarding this procedure?

A:Only a Chief Officer may order this.

B: This should only be attempted when no members are operating in the cellar.

C: The primary consideration for members operating on the first floor above a cellar fire is to close the interior cellar door at the top of the stairs.

D: For the safety of the members remaining on the first floor, consider having them operate under the protection of a charged hoseline, secure an area of refuge ensuring a ready means of egress, or exit the building.

The IC (Chief or Company Officer) may order this.
PD Ch 3 2.6


Question 10:
There are several tactics that are of such importance to fire control efforts that the decision to implement them is reserved for the engine officer alone, such as calling for water, opening the nozzle and initial stream direction. However, there are tactics/decisions that may be delegated by the engine officer to the nozzle team, which include all of the following except?

A: Direction of stream

B: Opening the nozzle in an emergency

C: Calling for more line

D:Stream shut down

E: Sweeping floors with stream

F: Partial shut down of nozzle to reduce nozzle reaction and regain control

D Explanation:
This action is reserved for the engine officer alone and may not be delegated
Engine Operations 5.1.25 and 5.1.26


Question 11:
Portable ladders have many uses. In which case below is a portable ladder being used incorrectly?

A: Portable ladders may be placed over weakened, damaged or burnt-out stairs in order to gain access to upper stories of a building.

B:When necessary to utilize a portable ladder to bridge fire damaged stairs, a 20’ straight ladder should be used.

C: When portable ladders are placed over holes in a floor or roof or over a shaft opening, they aid in preventing members from falling into these unprotected openings. Other objects placed on top of the ladder will identify the hazard and can provide additional coverage over the opening.

D: Portable ladders used in bridging operations can span courts, alleys, shafts and similar openings between floors and roofs. Extension ladders must be used only in the nested position when bridging.

B Explanation:
When necessary to utilize a portable ladder to bridge fire damaged stairs, a 24’ extension ladder should be used (the 20’ straight ladder may be too short).
Lads 1 10.3.4, 10.3.6, 10.3.7


Question 12:
Communications plays a very important role at most FDNY operations, especially during operations involving under river rails. Choose the incorrect comment made about communications at under river rails.

A: If enough personnel are on scene and conditions warrant, the HT relay should be established

B: For maximum repeater coverage, the IC should ensure that a member operating on the repeater channel is at street level in a position at the closest station on both sides of the river. Members operating at street level on opposite sides of the tunnel should relay important messages across the river

C:At present, there are repeaters at most emergency exits, and repeater coverage inside most emergency exit stairways are excellent

D: In under river tubes, phones are designated by blue lights and are found near emergency power removal boxes, approximately 600 feet apart

E: The Post radio is not to be used in immediate vicinity of signals, communications equipment or train operator cabs. However, if members are to use the Post Radio within the subway system, the Transit Authority is to be notified

C Explanation:
At present, there are NO repeaters at most emergency exits, and NO repeater coverage inside most emergency exit stairways
FFP Under River Rail Operations sec 2.9.3



Question 13:
The FAST Unit and CFR Engine shall be assigned to the Fire Sector when the fire is above the?

A: fifth floor

B:sixth floor

C: seventh floor

D: eighth floor

B Explanation:
They can be staged on the floor below the fire floor, ready for rapid deployment.
At lower floor fires (sixth floor or below), the position of the FAST Unit and the CFR Engine will be determined by the Incident Commander. The FAST Unit should carry a set of elevator keys.
MD 6.6.3


Question 14:
The KO Curtain shall be deployed for all the following conditions except?

A: A window in the fire apartment has failed and size-up indicates wind is blowing the fire into the apartment continuously

B: A window in the fire apartment has failed and size-up indicates wind is blowing the fire into the apartment intermittently

C: Size-up indicates that deployment of the KO Curtain prior to window failure will prevent a wind driven fire from developing

D:The KO Curtain will only be deployed on orders of the IC. The Squad Officer will coordinate the deployment once ordered

2nd arriving ladder company officer
Evolution 34 sec 1.2


Question 15:
Which description of Old Law Tenements is not accurately listed below?

A: There is limited fire stopping and combustible contents and structural components result in a hot, smoky fire.

B: Interior stairs to the cellar are present but may have been removed if the building has been renovated.

C: The presence of Energy Efficient Windows (EEW) will further increase heat, gases and smoke conditions, possibly leading to a flashover or backdraft.

D:Some form of light/air shaft may be provided. These shafts are closed at the top.

Some form of light/air shaft may be provided. These shafts are OPEN AT THE TOP.
Note: The term "enclosed" as used in this bulletin (Ladders 3) will mean "a shaft open at the top and bound by building walls on all sides."
Lads 3 1.2.1-1.2.8


Question 16:
During company drill, you make the following statements on the Electronic Fireground Accountability System (EFAS). You were incorrect in which statement?

A:The member monitoring EFAS shall be identified by radio designation such as L100 can EFAS to Command

B: The Spare Radio Database (updated) will be indicated in the bottom center of the task bar of the MDT in green letters and the assigned Battalion or Division vehicle

C: If the EFAS member manually assigns a Mayday utilizing the MDT touch screen, a hard copy will print showing the members company, position, and time Mayday was assigned

D: EFAS defaults to Tactical Channel 1. It has the capability of monitoring any of the 16 channels, including UTAC and NYMAC channels; however, it can only monitor one channel at a time

A Explanation:
Communications ch 9 add 3 sec 2.3 note, 4.2, 5.2, 6.1


Question 17:
Upon return of a reserve apparatus to storage, the officer on duty in the unit at which the apparatus is stored must compare the outstanding RT-2 with the tools and equipment being returned with the apparatus. If any item is found to be missing, the officer shall take all of the following actions except?

A: Immediately notify, by telephone, the administrative Battalion Chief.

B: Record the particulars in the company journal.

C: Prepare and forward a report to the Chief of Department documenting the missing items and explaining the circumstances of the loss. Forward the report through the chain of command.

D:Prepare a Lost Property Report and make notifications regarding the loss of Department property.

regarding the loss of Department property.

The administrative Battalion shall notify the OFFICER WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF THE APPARATUS, WHILE IT WAS OUT OF STORAGE, that the responsibility for the preparation and forwarding of the Lost Property Report and the notifications required regarding the loss of Department property are his/hers.
AUC 259 7.5.3, 7.5.4


Question 18:
When conditions permit, the engine officer may order a fog or broken stream directed out a window in the fire area to assist in removal of heat and smoke conditions. The stream is directed out the selected window with the nozzle held how many feet from the window?

A: 2-3 feet

B: 3-4 feet

C:4-5 feet

D: 6-8 feet

If the FT-2 was used for extinguishment, the tip is adjusted so that a fog pattern fills the window opening and is operated similar to the MST
Engine Company Operations 5.1.23


Question 19:
What is the order of preference for roof access at a peaked roof private dwelling fire?  

A: Portable Ladder, Aerial Ladder, Tower Ladder

B: Portable Ladder, Tower Ladder, Aerial Ladder

C:Tower Ladder, Aerial Ladder, Portable Ladder

D: Aerial Ladder, Tower Ladder, Portable Ladder



Question 20:
You arrive 1st due to an incident involving an under river tube. As the 1st arriving officer, your initial actions include all of the following except?

A: If a potentially serious incident is suspected, assume a defensive position while performing a thorough size-up and hazard assessment

B:Initial efforts should focus on assisting non-ambulatory passengers

C: Consult the Emergency Exit Guide Book or Operational Guide to verify that operations are being conducted at the correct emergency exit

D: Inform dispatcher which emergency exit you opened . If passengers are self-evacuating, request power-off on the affected tracks(s)

VB elf-evacuating passengers
FFP Under River Rails sec 3.1 and 3.3.


Question 21:
During company drill, a probationary firefighter made which incorrect comment about chainsaw operations?

A: Use extreme caution when cutting small size brush and saplings which may easily catch the chain and pull you off balance.

B: The most dangerous kickback zone is the upper 90 degree quadrant of the blade.

C:A circle of danger of a radius of at least 10' should be established before the commencement of cutting. The saw operator, control person and officer should be the only personnel in this area during cutting.

D:If a branch, tree section or other object is hanging, leaning or otherwise damaged, members are to prevent access to the danger area by unauthorized persons. If practical, the object should be stabilized by lashing or shoring. Cutting it down is not to be attempted.

C Explanation:
The SAW OPERATOR and CONTROL PERSON will be the only personnel in this area during cutting. The OFFICER is to monitor conditions and relay orders received from the officer in command. If possible, the officer is positioned as to permit visual contact with the control person.
TB Tools 24 3.10.1 B, 4.4, 5.3, Figure 5


Question 22:
The "Pass it On Program" will enable the department to relay today's events quickly and accurately to the field so that we may save someone's life tomorrow. Examples of situations where this program should be used can be found in all of the following except?

A: Apparatus accidents

B: Building Collapses

C: Close calls

D: Injuries

E:Negative actions which led to an unsafe operation

E Explanation:
Positive actions which led to a safe operation
Fax info to FDOC within 24 hrs of operation, forward copy to admin Division through chain of command.......Prior to faxing, phone admin Division through chain of command
SB 90 sec 1 and 2


Question 23:
Two members of a busy Manhattan Ladder Company were discussing aerial ladder positioning when one member made an incorrect statement. Indicate the incorrect statement.

A: Place the apparatus in the center of the street, if possible. The Officer or OV can assist the Chauffeur with the initial placement of the apparatus.

B: An average city sidewalk is 13' from the building line to the curb and 35' from curb to curb.

C:Place the apparatus 15 to 25 feet from the building for a good climbing angle.

D: The OV shall assist the Chauffeur in proper placement of the apparatus before carrying out their other assigned duties. While operating at a fire or emergency, the apparatus shall not be backed up unless the Chauffeur has the assistance of at least one guide person.

Place the apparatus 25 to 35 feet from the building for a good climbing angle.
Lads 2 2.2, 3.1.1


Question 24:
The most correct 10 code to transmit when experiencing an insufficient pressure at a standpipe outlet can be found in which choice

A: 10-39

B: 10-47

C: 10-86


D Explanation:
A- FD standing by
B- Police Response
C- Alcohol Resistant Foam Operation
D- Dead or frozen hydrant, Unable to hookup to hydrant, Unable to access a hydrant, insufficient hydrant pressure, No water/insufficient pressure at standpipe outlet



Question 25:
All of the following duties were correctly performed by Engine 2, the designated Lobby Control Unit at a high rise office building fire, except in which choice?

A: While responding, they ascertained the identity and designation of the units that have responded, or are responding, to the incident from the MDT printout.

B: On arrival they promptly reported to the IC since no Logistics Section Chief was designated.

C: The officer remained stationed at the elevator lobby to maintain control of all elevators from this location.

D:They operated on the Command Channel for the duration of the operation.

Explanation: D
Operate on the Tactical Channel
B) Note: On arrival promptly report to the Logistics Section Chief, or, if not on scene, the IC.
ICS Ch 2 Add 4 4.2


Question 26:
When deploying the KO curtain from a window in the apartment on the floor above, two floors above, or if the fire is on the top floor, then from the roof, he/she shall carry what tools in addition to the KO Curtain?

A:Hydra-ram and Halligan

B: Axe and Halligan

C: Axe, Halligan, and 6 foot Hook

D: Maul and Halligan

A Explanation:
Evolution 34 sec 4
Receiving FF below the target window shall carry a Hydra-ram, Halligan, and Halligan Hook


Question 27:
When it comes to confined space operations, atmospheric hazards are the most deadly, accounting for almost 65% of all confined space deaths. Which of the following is NOT a type of atmospheric hazard?

A:Slippery surfaces

B: Asphyxiant

C: Toxic

D: Explosive

A) This is a Physical Hazard
Acronym: TEA
TB Conf Sp 2


Question 28:
During a Collapse Operation, the responsibilities of the 1st arriving ladder company can be found in all of the following except?

A: Th officers have the option of splitting the company into separate teams to cover more area

B: Remove surface victims

C: Perform preliminary void search without cutting, lifting, or removing load bearing members

D:Immediately begin the process of controlling the gas, electric, and water services (Shutting utilities)

D Explanation:
2nd arriving ladder company responsibilities
FFP Collapse Operations sec 7.5 and 7.6


Question 29:
A newly promoted company officer should be able to identify which incorrect comment below regarding units with “reduced staffing”?

A: A reduced staffed unit is a Ladder, Rescue, or Squad company staffed with four firefighters. When this occurs, the Company Officer shall determine which outside position (OV/ROOF) will be staffed. This decision shall be based in part on the unit’s response area.

B: Upon arrival, if the necessity exists, the Officer may reassign the position of the outside firefighter (OV to ROOF or ROOF to OV). The Officer shall inform the IC and units operating of the unstaffed position.

C:A reduced staffed unit responding to alarms shall transmit to the dispatcher “We are responding understaffed”. If the Officer is having difficulty getting this message to the dispatcher due to heavy radio traffic, the Officer shall transmit an “Urgent” to the dispatcher to ensure the message is heard.

D: An additional Ladder Company (above the Fast Truck) shall be assigned to a 10-75 when both of the two initially assigned Ladder Companies report responding with four firefighters.

C vExplanation:
A reduced staffed unit responding to alarms shall transmit to the dispatcher “WE ARE RESPONDING WITH FOUR FIREFIGHTERS”.
An understaffed unit is any unit staffed with less than four firefighters. An understaffed unit responding to alarms shall transmit to the dispatcher “We are responding understaffed”.
AUC 287 8.2.1-8.3.2


Question 30:
To operate as a Decon Engine, the company shall be staffed with a minimum of?

A:1 trained officer or trained acting officer, and at least 3 trained FFs

B: 1 trained officer or trained acting officer, and at least 4 trained FFs

C: 1 trained officer or trained acting officer, and at least 2 trained FFs

D: At least 3 trained members

A Haz Mat ch 12 sec 4.2.1