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Section 139 Criminal Justice Act 1988 covers...?

"Any person who has with him in a public place, any article which has a blade or is sharply pointed (except a folding pocket knife with a blade the cutting edge of which is 7.62cm or less & is not lockable) "


Explain 'Made', 'Adapted' and 'Intended' weapons:

Made: for the sole purpose of causing injury

Adapted: altering an article to cause injury

Intended: use any article to intentionally cause injury


Give am example of 'made', 'adapted' and 'intended' weapons:

Made: knuckleduster, flick knives

Adapted: smashed bottle

Intended: baseball bat


What sections extend offences of having a blade or offensive weapon on a school premises ?

Section 139 (a) (1) and
Section 139 (a) (2) of Criminal Justice Act 1988