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"Intentionally causing harassment, alarm or distress" is covered by which public order act 1986

Section 4a


You are having dinner at home and can hear lots of swearing from within your neighbours house next door.

You can't hear the swearing from outside though, is there a public order offence and if so, what ?


No public order when dwelling to dwelling.


Which public order offences give you a power of entry ?

Section 4 Public Order Act 1986 under Section 17 of PACE


Define BoP

There is a breach of peace whenever / wherever:

a) harm is ACTUALLY done, or is LIKELY to be done, to a person, whether by the conduct of the person against whom a Breach of the Peace is alleged or by someone whom it provokes

b) harm is ACTUALLY done, or is LIKELY to be done to a person's property in his presence

c) a person is GENUINELY IN FEAR of harm to himself or his property in his presence, as a result of an assault, affect, riot, unlawful assembly or other disturbance

Public or private


Can section 3 Public Order (Affray) offence be committed with the use of words alone ?


There must also be a physical gesture