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How long does one have to pay the PND fine ?

21 days


Non payment of PND within 21 days results in fine increasing by.......?



Can a PND be issued for damage worth over £100 ?

Yes, up to £300


What is the limit of value of goods obtained by theft which can be dealt with by way of PND ?



A shop thief drops his stolen items as you apprehend him for theft. The items are damaged but valued under £100. As he has no previous for theft, you decide a PND is appropriate. Is this ok in line with policy ?

Nope, goods must still be intact for a PND to be issued


If under 18 years of age and found with cannabis, why shouldn't a PND be considered and what act denotes why ?

Section 65 Crime and Disorder Act 1998

Young people should be considered for reprimand / final warning