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Mission statement for overseas duty support

Serve as an effective instrument of US military strategy by establishing programs to assist navy personnel overseas. Achieving support required from host nation facilities, promoting positive relations between suppliers and employees , and between the command and foreign nationals


The squadron is compromised of how many departments

Admin , "I" level maintenance, "o" level maintenance, operations, aviation support, safety, training, and information dominance.
Up to six deployable detachments may fulfill operational commitments


Explain the organizational structure and relationships organization

-the co: leads , directs and supervises in performing the mission
-the xo: cos assistant and advisor.
-the cmc: the cos principal advisor for the welfare, job satisfaction, utilization and training
-duty officer: direct representation of the co and directly responsible to the co
- department heads: responsible for the organization,admin, and operation of their departments


What is the mission of hsc 25

To deploy detachments , to provide logistics, search and rescue, force protection and disaster response to the territory of Guam and Marianas islands.