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Eleutherococcus santicosus drug interactions

Eleuthero potentiats effects of antibiotics monomycin and kananmycin


Why is there a caution of using eleutherococcus santicosus in diabetics

Eleuthero may have a hypoglycemic action in diabetics using insulin


eleutherococcus santicosus contra exact contractindicatiosn

Commission E recommends avoiding use in patients with hypertension, not a lot of evidenc for this though.


What adverse effects may eleutherococcus s. have on sleep and digestion?

can cause mild cases of transient diarrhea or sleep disturbances.


ocimum sanctum precautions

May have a anti fertility effect, don't take at theraputic dose if pregnant, may have hypoglycemic effect especially in those on insulin or oral antidiabetics., mild blood thinning properties,


Ocimum sanctum contraindicaitons

There really aren?t any, it has been safetly used for a long time.


medicago sativa contraindications

very sever debility - collapse of systems/failures, strong chemo. Pregnancy - uterine contraction, if on warfarin it could reduce effect from High K.


Toxicity of medicago sativa

Mostly for patients with system lupus erythematosus bcause of L canavanin in sprouts


cautions of trifolium pratense

caution with blood thinners because of cumeral, caution with oral contraceptives and estrogen positive cancers because of its estrogen like chemicals


Why would medicago sativa be contraindicated in hepatic failure

It increased metabolic rate in liver which is bad if its severly damaged


Why is medicago sativa cantraindicatied with people on warfarin

Because warfarin works on the estrinsic clotting path by blocking vitamin K regeneration; Medicago sativa is really high in Vitamin K so it can override the effects of warfarin and allow clotting


why would medicago sativa be contraindicated in pregnancy

Mediago sativa has stachydrine content that can cause uterine contractions in high dosages


What is a contraindication of a tonic herb in general, these include medicago sativa, and trifolium pratense

contraindicated in very sever debility , esp if associated with immune or digestive collapse, renal or hepatic failure and in progressive cancer or strong chemo egimens.


What is the caution for trifolium pratense: red clover

Blood thinners and platlet thinners, and with oral contracetives and estrogen positive cancers


What is a caution about long term use of nettles?

IT may cause mucus membrane drying


Do nettles have a drug interaction?



cautions for mahonia aquafolium

can cause diarrhea because it stimulates bile flow, can cause uterine contractions so not for the pregnant and better for sub acute and chronic rather than active infections


General contraindications for bitters

Pregnancy, kidney stones, any high acid issue, diarrhea and galbladder disease because it will stimulate gallbladder function


Contraindications for gentia

gentian lutea shouldn't be used in acute GI inflammation and should be avoided in pregnancy


What can large doses of gentiana lutia cause

nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and pulse fullness.


what is the lethal dose for thujone a constituent of artemsia absinthium

134 mg/kg A 175 lb man would have to drink 50 bottles of absinth to get a leathal dose


what is the upper limit of thujone

10ppm, most absinth contain 2-4ppm


what is the contraindications for achillea milefolium because of B-thujone

nausea, vomiting, cramping seizures, kidney failure. Careful with essential oil


what is the contraindication for achillea milefolium in females

can aggrivate heavy menstural bleeding