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What type of joint is the sacroiliac joint?



What type of joint is the pubic symphysis?

Secondary cartilaginous 


What lies above and below thse obturator foramen?

Above: superior pubic ramus

Below: inferior pubic ramus 

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How do the pubic crest and pubic tubercle relate to the pubic body? 

Pubic tubercle is lateral edge of pubic crest

Pubic crest is superior margin of pubic body

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What does the pectineal line lie on?

Superior pubic ramus

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Which bony landmark dermarcates the greater and lesser sciatic notches?

Ischial spine 

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Describe the bony features of the sacrum?

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What are the lateral masses of the sacrum formed by?

Transverse processes fusing on each side 


Describe the line of demarcation of the true and false pelvis?

Pubic crest, pectineal line, arcuate line of ilium, anterior margin of ala, sacral promontroy

Iliopectineal lie 

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List the pelvic types?

Which are most common in males and females?

Gynaecoid typical in women (val, wider transversely)

Android most common in males, followed by anthropoid (wider AP)

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Describe the difference in pelvic inlet and outlet between males and females?

Inlet: wider transversely in females

Outlet: diamon shaped in both

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Describe the borders of the pelvic outlet?

Inferior margin of pubic symphysis anteriorly

Tip of coccyx posteriorly

Ischial tuberosities either side 


Describe the plane of least dimensions in the pelvis?

Through ischial spine, S4 and base of pubis 

One of the points where baby rotates during birth 

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Describe the ligaments of the sacroiliac joint?

Anterior and posterior sacroiliac ligaments 

Interosseous sacroiliac ligament: strongest, locks in rotation 

Accessory: iliolumbar, sacrotuberous and sacrospinous 

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Describe the sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments?

Sacrotuberous: sacrum to ischial tuberosity
Sacrospinous: sacrum to ischial spine 

Accessory ligaments of SIJ

Form greater and lesser sciatic foraminae 

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Describe nutation and counter-nutation?

How are these movements limited?

Nutation: top of sacrum moves forwards, closes inlet and opens oultet
Counter-nutation: top of sacrum moves backwards, opens inlet and closes outlet

Limited by all ligaments in pelvis 


Describe the ligaments of the pubic symphysis?

Superior pubic ligament
Inferior arcuate ligament

Prevent separation and resist compressive forces 

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How are the ligaments of the pubic symphysis reinforced?

Criss-crossing fibres from :

oblique abdominal muscles 

rectus sheath

adductor longus 

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