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Pinkie and Hale

. Trapped in Brighton
. Responsibility to work
. Criminal background: makes them exposed and vulnerable
. Killed by Pinkie
. Connection to Kite
. Aware of their death/damnation


Rose and Hale

. Victims of Pinkie's violence and exploitation
. Sense of professional duty that leaves them vulnerable
. Out of place/isolated - at Snow's, in Brighton


Rose and Pinkie

. Young + inexperienced
. Effectively parentless
. Poverty
. Religious otherness - cause for discrimination
. Stunted emotionally and physically


Hale and Spicer

. Killed by Pinkie
. Trapped in Brighton
. Following orders/assignments
. Criminal register used against them by Pinkie
. Want to go undetected/vanish


Spicer and Pinkie

. Running away: from underworld or legal repercussions
. Criminals
. Trapped in Brighton - distancing leads to their deaths
. Physically express discomfort


Spicer and Rose

. Victims of Pinkie
. Seek to escape to country/idealised perception of what they're going towards
. Outsiders/on periphery of mob
. Don't see through Pinkie's machinations


All the Victims

. Class
. Morally compromised
. Doomed
. Victims of corrupt legal system - no helpful police intervention
. Legal system lets deaths go untested


Everyman Character

. Exposed to vices and virtues and picks virtues
. Represents humanity - everyone will be tested + should choose virtues


Physical expressions of fear (H+S)

. "inky nails, bitten fingers" Hale
. "small eruptions" (spots) Spicer
. Both are unaware of what awaits them but are still nervous
. Hale clings to Ida, Spicer tries to leave


Speech (H+S)

. Cautious, faltering, element of apology, conciliatory
. Talk too much
. Contrasts with Pinkie's laconic speech: sinister subtext, clipped utterances, euphemisms
. Pinkie calls Hale the wrong name - obliterates him in advance


Contribution to plot (H)

. Hale is catalyst: Ida's motivation, domino effect leads to Spicer's death
. Brings Pinkie and Rose together, involves Ida with gang


Contribution to Plot (S)

. Spicer adds to cumulative effect of P's progression into losing control - shows how far P is willing to go, deflects P's attention from violence that happens to P, emphasises sympathy with him when he's hurt
. Identify w Pinkie: we don't know what happens to Spicer at the races
. Gets P to racetrack where he and S are attacked


Qualities (H+S)

. Pitiable, desperate, apologetic/cringing, cowering, craven (Hale begging with Ida), meek, cowed, undignified
. Weak + vulnerable - Everyman quality
. Unintentional consequences (H)
. Betrayal (S)


Responses to H + S

. Conflicting
. Not entirely innocent characters
. They build anxiety through their anxiety - as focaliser we feel what they feel


Criminal Register

. If overheard, can't be held accountable
. Sympathy for H + S when Pinkie uses it
. Spicer doesn't get it "You're too old for this life"
- Awkwardness, trapped animal as P circulates
. Uneasiness, amplifies horrified awe of Pinkie
. P as hunter: cat and mouse with Hale


Cultural context

. Only one train out of Brighton, can't escape
. Criminal underworld separates from tourist above
. Transient community, no one pays attention to violence.
. Police obsolete
. Poverty - Spicer needs money to escape, pitifully small ambition - Nottingham


Rose in context

. Economics: poverty, she has to work at Snow's
. Religion: fear of God/damnation, corrupted by Pinkie
- Code between her and Pinkie
. Poor parenting: drives her to Pinkie
. Gender: expectation of marriage, domestic duty, sold to Pinkie essentially
. Limited education: lack of understanding
. Class: aligns her w Pinkie. Everyone here is poor


Rose: not a victim

. Independent focaliser, enjoys married life
. "I have a memory for faces" - threat
. "pride swelled in her chest"
. "detective with cuffs"
. "it marked her possession of him"
. P fears marrying her more than damnation
. "sense of glory" "an army of friends for Pinkie"


Context for Rose

. Popular culture: ideas about romance, love songs and films, unrealistic - "I'll love you always"
- The record Pinkie gives to Rose
. The depression: work
- Rose is easily exploitable going into work young
. Catholicism: outsider status, encorages submissive idolatry of God, Rose directs this at Pinkie
. Modernism: shifting perspectives, notions of truth
. Social realism: poverty, pity Rose


Rose's identities

. Focaliser: suggests victimhood (like S + H)
- however shifting focaliser in chap 9, she has power
. Accomplice: enjoys being a mob wife
. Sacked from Snow's: pray to poverty, Pinkie's exploitation, works to escape poverty
. Mob wife: not femme fatale but enjoys role


Rose as victim

. "I'll never leave you" "I love you forever"
. "She belonged to him like a room or a chair"
. "little dingy damaged row [of houses]"
. "the blind, lost face"
. "horror and admiration" Rose at Pinkie
. "I don't care what you do I love you forever"
. "they couldn't damn him without damning her too"


Spicer as victim

. "It's not me, it's him you want" P @ S
. "His words wilted out like a line of seaweed"
. "You're too old for this life"
. "What are you smiling at?"
. "small eruptions on the face, the bloodshot eyeballs"
. "as if he were apologising for being alive at all"
. "I'm too old for the game, I got to get out"


Hale as victim

. "It was then Hale realised they meant to murder him"
. "sadly and desperately watching her" [Ida]
. "a little flare of pride went up in Hale's heart" (job)
. "pride bobbed up again, taunting him" "I'm not going to die"
. "pygmy elephant - before the kill" P stalking H


Role of victims

. Relatable, sympathetic to an extent
. Visibly vulnerable
. Naive, oblivious
. Limited agency/agency taken from them
. Susceptible to manipulation
. Contrast w villain
. Isolated, exploited, exposed, abused, timid, traumatised, defenseless, trapped