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Cassio according to Iago

. "A Florentine" "A great arithmetician" 1.1
. "never set a squadron in the field" 1.1
. "Cassio's a proper man" 1.3
. "He hath a person and a smooth dispose/To be suspected" 1.3


Cassio Act 1

. Won't go along w Iago's crude jokes: "he tonight hath boarded a land carack" "I do not understand"


Cassio 2.1

. "he hath achieved a maid/That paragons description and wild fame"
. "The divine Desdemona"
. "bold Iago"
. "Tis my breeding/That gives me this bold show of courtesy"


Iago on Cassio 2.1

. "He takes her by the palm. Ay, well said,/whisper."
. "With as little a web as this I will ensnare as/ great a fly as Cassio"
. "Very good: well kissed"
. "your fingers to your/lips? Would they were clyster pipes for your sake!"


Cassio 2.3

. Doesn't indulge I's crude references to D, polite:
- "exquisite" "fresh and delicate creature"
- "an inviting eye, and yet methinks right modest"
. "I have very poor and/ unhappy brains for drinking"
. "I'll do't, but it dislikes me." drinking, omen
. "Do not/think, gentleman, I am drunk"
. [He strikes Roderigo]


Cassio 2.3 after the violence

. "Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost/ my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself,/ and what remains is bestial."
. "Our General's wife is/now the General" I tells C to recruit D to help him


Cassio 3.3

. "Bounteous madam,/ Whatever shall become of Michael Cassio,/ He's anything but your true servant."
. Within these three days let me hear thee say/That Cassio's not alive."