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What is social drift?

Once incapacitated by a mental health disorder one is likely to slip lower down the socio-economic ladder


What percentage of those with long term mental health problems are employed?



What is the link between socio-economic status and mental health?

Low socio-economic status is a risk factor for mental health


What is the link between mental health and employment?

Those affected by a mental health condition find it harder to study and work
Often stigma attached results in problems or lack of support in work leads to them leaving work


What is the link between mental health incidence and growing up in a less well off family?

Incidence increased in poorer families


What is the link between substance abuse and mental illness?

SA not a diagnosis but often a duel diagnosis with mental health conditions
Those with SA problems often find it hard to get a job/ can be associated with criminal behaviour


What is the link between mental and physical health?

Decreased MH results in decreased PH (possibly due to lifestyle changes)
Poorer access to treatment for PH in patients with MH, could be due to diagnostic overshadowing (focussing on mental not physical)


What is esteem support?

Where other people increase P's self esteem


What is informational support?

Other people offer advice


What is companionship?

Support through activities and spending time together


What is instrumental support?

Physical help (buy shopping etc)


What is the main effect hypothesis in relation to support?

Social support is beneficial and a lack of is stressful


What does the stress buffering hypothesis suggest about support?

That social support can help individuals cope with stress


What is the base assumption made in relation to mental capacity?

A person has capacity unless proven otherwise, they are not incapable of making decisions unless steps to help them do so have been taken without success. An unwise decision does not show lack of capacity


In order to have capacity you must be able to:

Understand information
Retain that information
Be able to weigh the information
Be able to communicate your decision


What is the link between emotional state and pain?

Resilience/ optimism/ accepting/ self coping = Reduced pain
Vulnerability/ anxiety/ depression/ fear/ catastrophising = Increased pain


What is catastrophising?

Exaggeration of negative orientation


What is the biopyschosocial model of pain?

Pain is a genuine physical sensation with both physiological and psychological components


What is the fear avoidance model of disability?

Injury = pain = defence/ avoidance = disuse = disability


What are pain management programs and what is their purpose?

Psych based rehab with MDT.
Aims to move patient from medical pain model to biopyschosocial model
CBT for pain- reconceptulisation and relaxation training


What is a disability?

A physical or mental impairment which has substantial long term, -ve effect on normal ADL


What is the medical model of disability?

Disability result from persons physical or mental limitations (Any restriction of ability from that considered normal)


What is the social model of disability?

A consequence of environmental, social and attitude barriers which prevent people with impairments from maximum participation in society (Disability from societies failure to meet needs)


Define substance abuse

Use that doesn't conform to social norm


Define substance dependence

Need drug for normal function


Define substance addiciton

Acquiring and using the drug drives behaviour


What is operant conditioning?

Voluntary behaviour which has favourable effects is repeated
Positive reinforcement: Press lever for food
Neg reinforcement: Press lever to stop pain


What is the opponent process theory?

You start substance abuse because it makes you happy but you don't stop because you don't want to feel bad


How many people who 'quit' relapse in one year? Which substances cause most relapse?

75% of those who 'quit' relapse in 1yr
(Easiest) Alcohol < opiates < marjuana < cocaine (Hardest)


What is motivational interviewing?

Targets ambivilance (mixed feelings).
Can be used to combat things like addiction or to make other behaviour changes