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what is the main buddhist place of worship

a temple


what does the temple consist of

a temple may consist of many different buildings including a meditation hall, a main hall, a study hall


what are shrines, where can they be found and what can they consist of

shrines are focal points for meditation and can be found in houses,temples and monestires. They can consist of candles, pictures of the buddha and incense in order to show their gratitude for the buddha


what are monasteries

monestires are places where buddhists live. They can either be just a single building or villages


name 3 ways of how buddhists can worship

-through chanting sacred texts -helps to focus the mind
-through meditation
-thrugh reciting mantras


what is a mantra

a mantra is a sequence of scared symbols that can be recited or chanted


what mediation focuses on the mindfullness of breathing



explain samatha mediation and what techniques it uses

samatha meditation focuses on calming the mind and developing deep concentration.

It uses the mindfulness of breathing technique and this techniques focus on how the body responds to reach breathe you take.If the mind wonders they go back the breathe


what does mindfulness of breathing help buddhist to do

become aware of the present moment


explain vipassana medition,what techniques does it use

vipassana meditation focuses of developing one's understandment of the nature of reality

It uses the technique of seated medition. Within this technique anything can used as the focal point in order to try and understand the true nature of the object/subjet which they are focussing on


explain therevada funerals

therevad funerals are normally quite cheap and little money is spent on them, instead the family of the deceased donated to local charities in order to pass on merit to the deceased next life, if they didn't reach enlightenment. The family's deceased may also offer clothes to monestires on behalf of the deceased to again pass on merit on behalf of the dead guy


what is a sky burial and what kind of buddhism does them

a sky burial is where the body is left out for as a gift for vultures to eat as the ground is too frozen for an actual burial and mayahana buddhists,mainly in tibet, do it


what is wesak and what does it celebrate

weak celebrates the buddha's life birthday,englightenment and passing


what is parinirvana day and what does it celebrate

parinirvana day celebrates the buddha's passing into the last state of nibbana.It is a day to reflect on their own death and others'


how do people celebrate wesak

they make offerings to the buddha and give gifts at monasteries-they also light up their homes with candles and light is used to represent hope


what type of buddhism celebrates wesak



how do people celebrate parinirvana day

some go on retreats to reflect or some may meditate


what type of buddhism celebrates parinirvana day