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what is worship

worship is the act of religious praise and devotion. It is a way for Christians to show their deep love for god .


what is private worship

private worship Is the same as worship but just taken out within your own home


what are the 3 type of worship



what is liturgical worship and why is it important

liturgical worship is worship which is taken out in a church and is lead by a priest and it follows a structure. it consist of Formal prayers and bible passages which are read out.

It is an important type of worship as it allows all Christians to participate and feel comfortable with the worship as set prayers are used and so it's familiar


what is non liturgical worship and why is it important

non liturgical worship is worship which takes place in a church but there is no set order and so each week there can be various different hymns or readings involved on different topics

It is important because services can be planned to suit a certain theme and are known to be more interesting .


what is informal worship

informal worship is a type of non liturgical worship which involves which is known to be spontaneous. It can involves dancing,clapping calling our or speaking in tongues

It is important because it can have an emotional impact and it's collaborative as people can share readings and prayers with each other


how do quakers worship

quakers worships by sitting in silence and waiting for god to send them a message


what is prayer

prayer is communicating with god either silently or through words of prayer, confession or requesting god's help or guidance


what are set prayers

set prayers are prayers which have been written down or said more than once by more than one person.For example the lords prayer is a set prayer


what are informal prayers

informal prayers are prayers which are made up by an individual in a way to communicate with god


what is the importance of prayer

-allows Christians to keep a close relationship with god
-enables christians to talk and listen to god
-gives christians a sense of peace


what is the lords prayer and what is it important

the lords prayer is a prayer which Jesus created as a 'model prayer'

Its important as the prayer itself reminds chirtsians to forgive others in order to be forgiven, and this reflects on the important of forgiveness