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When was Buddhism established and by whom?

500 bc by prince sadartha in response to the caste system. Made a god after death.



600 million to 1 billion 4th largest religion in the world

Found everywhere

Predominant in China Japan and south east Asia


What is Buddhism the answer to?

Eliminating suffering


How was Buddha enlightened?

On a river he heard the way of the middle by a citar player.


What are the 4 core beliefs of Buddhism?

1. Everything is suffering
2. Suffering is caused by desire and anger
3. False belief in self where desire comes from
4. Answer is nirvana-I don't exist so I can't experience suffering


Steps to nirvana

1. Know truth nothing exist
2. Say nothing to hurt others
3. Practice Meditation
4. Control thoughts
5. Resist evil
6. Free your mind of evil
7. Work good for others
8. Respect life


What is nirvana closely related to in America that is disturbing?

A mental illness known as dissociative disorder


Define dissociative disorder

When you disassociate yourself from your life and no longer care.


Challenges to converting Buddhists

•Jesus suffered and that's what Buddhists try to avoid
•hypocrisy of Christians
•generalization and clumping of all Christians together.
•can believe they are more spiritual and moral than Christians


Strategies to convert them?

1. Show them love
2. Bring them to faith


How do we show a Buddhist love
provide scriptures to support these

1. Jesus John 13:34-35
2. The Kingdom Act 28:28
need both


what two concepts of Jesus' life will win over Buddhists and why?

His life and death. Jesus' life will win over Buddhists because he was respectable. He got up early and had late nights, authority in preaching etc. They won't understand how his death is spiritual but they will understand self sacrifice and laying down your life for what you believe Mathew 27:54


How does Romans 10:17 help Buddhists come to faith?

faith comes from hearing the message. studying the bible will help them


2 Corinthians 10:3-6 helps us how?

Believe that the bible can convert them


John 7:16-17 teaches what?

obedience is the way to know God. Call Buddhists to obey the bible.


Whats our biblical standpoint on suffering

Hebrews 5:7-10 We turn suffering into a learning experience. We don't eliminate it we learn from it.