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Where does the scripture talk about our responsibility to the helpless?

Mathew 9:35-38


What does calling oneself a Hindu really mean and why?

•they aren't Christian (English), Muslim (Arab), or Confucius (Chinese)
•the term Hindu is a way for them to identify themselves as to what they weren't.


What ended colonialization in India?

Civil disobedience


What was the result of the security dilemma?

Mass exodus of Muslims and Chinese peoples.


What is security dilemma?

When the controlling government is disbanded the sense of security that people felt vanished and they left to be with people like them.


What is sentana dharma?

Hindu "umbrella" term for not being Christian, Confucius, or Muslim.


What are the Hindu demographics?

1.2 million in South Africa


8 major concepts of Hinduism.

1. Dialogue
2. Dhyana
3. Brahma
4. Brahmin
5. Pursartha
6. Prostheltyze
7. Puja
8. Literature


In the major concept dialogue what was being pantheistic?

Believing god is everything. He's the rock, the air, the person next to you etc.


In the major concept dialogue what did paganism have to do to influence dialogue?

There were many villages which had their own scriptures and ways of honoring their 3.3 million gods


What is anamism?

Everything has a soul. This leads to ancestor worship.


Polytheism what is it? How does it affect people who are Christians?

They believe in many gods and worshipping them. We don't worship theirs and it offends them. Christians are closed minded.


Dhyana is?

•Meditation can bring spiritual enlightenment
•a person is the image of the universe
•meditating on self you can know the deep truths of the universe.


How do we refute dhyana?

Galatians 1:8-9, 1 thes. 2:13
We receive gods word by understanding what's preached.


The 3rd concept are their three gods. Name then and explain them.

All of them are a part of Brahmin


How do we refute these three?

John 14:5
We believe in one god


The fourth concept in Hinduism is Brahmin. What is "he" and how do we refute "Him"?

Brahmin is the universe. He's cold, distant, impersonal, and the only purpose he serves is to maintain balance.

John 1:14 we believe in a loving Father who came down bc he cares about us.
Example nature


What is pursartha?

4 core things that Hindus believe about life and it's purpose


What are the 4 concepts in pursartha?

1. Karma
2. Dharma
3. Moksha
4. Artha


What is Kharma?

Action works or deeds. Good karma equals good deeds same for bad.

Karma determines reincarnated state of being.

*no consequence for sin


What is dharma?

Right way of living.
Ex: born a soldier then need to be a soldier even if that means killing your family.

*cement for the caste system. To break dharma is to go against god.


What is moksha?

Nirvana or heaven on earth.
It's achieved by reincarnations getting rid of bad Kharma and is called simsersa when you are able to loose yourself and become a part of the universe.


What is artha?

Pursuit of blessings and a rich life.

This shows that you are loved by god if you have these blessings.


Is artha bad? Explain why or why not?

No because it teaches people the spirit and attitude of hard work which produces blessings.

Acts 20:35


What is puja?

The worship of idols.


How many gods are in Hinduism?

3.3 million


What is the benefits and the downfalls to puja?

Downfalls: it's idol worship and commanded against by god
Ex. 20:3, Luke 14:25, Col. 3:5, 1 john 5:21

B anything can be a god it creates unity and peace
Ex bosses worshipped


The 8th concept is literature. Name what they are.

Shruti- optional to obey

Smiriti-learned text from the Vedas.

*vedas are ancient writings.