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What is the importance of buffalo?

Indians needed buffalos to survive, as they lived on the plains. The Indians followed the buffalo wherever they went, that is why they are nomadic


Why were buffalo important?

Every part of a buffalo (except the heart as it was buried on the plains) was used for food, clothing and equipment.


What did the Indians believe about a buffalo's heart?

The Indians buried the buffalo's heart on the plains as they believed if gave new life to a herd.


How did they eat the buffalo?

Woman and children cut up the buffalo meat, it was eaten raw or cooked but some were stored for winter.


What was the fur and hide used for?

Fur was used for decoration on clothes, as stuffing for saddles and pillows and to make mittens and rope.
Tanned Hide was used for bags, bedding, blankets, clothes, drums, moccasins, saddles and tipi covers.
Raw Hide was used for bags, belts, shield, string and travois lashings.


What were the skull and bones used for?

The skull was used in religious ceremonies and the brain was used for tanning the hides.
The bones were used for arrowheads, knives saddle frames, shovels and tools.


What were the intestines and liver used for?

The intestines and bladder were used for buckets and cooking vessels. The liver was eaten raw as a delicacy.