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Can you describe the bands?

- Most people in a band were related to each other, they were led by chiefs.
- Council members agreed everything the band did.
- The survival and protection of the band as a whole was seen as more important than the individuals within it.


What are chiefs?

- Chiefs were chosen because of their wisdom and skills as warriors.
- They were rarely chiefs for life.
- They did not actually have to be obeyed.


Can you describe the tribes ?

- Bands in the same tribe will always support each other.
- Tribal meetings would be held each year to arrange; marriages, trade horses and discuss issues.
- Some tribes were part of larger groups called nations.


What are warrior societies?

- The best warriors from each band formed its warrior society.
- They supervised hunting and protected their bands from attacks.
- Bands councils would always consult them before they made any decisions.


What are the Indians beliefs on nature?

- Everything in nature had a spirit and these spirits could help humans or harm them.
- Humans were part of nature and should work with the spirits of nature.
- They did not try to tame or control nature.
- They could contact the spirit world through visions and special ritual dances.


What are the Indians beliefs on land and property?

- Plains Indians tribes had sacred areas for example Sioux had black hill or Dakota
- No one owned the land and it could not be bought or sold, this went against the white Americans that came later on.
- Mining and farming was seen as disrespectful.


What were the Indians attitude to war?

- Plains Indians society was full of conflict, but they had developed ways to avoid too much killing.
- War parties would often run away if a fight turned against them.
- The highest respect was given to warriors for counting coup rather than fighting and killing.