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What is the overall business research process?

* Begin with an idea
- State research queston/statemtn in one sentence
* Specific aim and objectives
- Literature review
- Select methodology
- Devise data collection methods
- Gather data
- Analyse data
- Draw conclusions
- Complete write up of thesis


What are the different spectrums/types of research?

* Basic vs Applied
* Exploratory vs Descriptive vs Casual
- Qualitative vs Quantitative
* Deductive vs Inductive


What is basic research?

- Desire to expand knowledge
- Curiosity driven
- Intended to answer why, what and how questions
- Increase understanding of fundamental principles
- Does not have immediate commercial objectives
- It may not necessarily result in an invention or a solution to a practical problem


What is applied research?

- New knowledge acquired has specific commercial objectives: products, procedures or services
- Answer specific questions aimed at solving practical problems


What is exploratory research?

- What, when, how, where, who
- e.g. determining all of the criteria retailers use in deciding whether or not to adopt a new product line


What is descriptive research?

- What, when, how, where, who
- e.g. placing the criteria retailers use in deciding on the adoption of a new product line into their order of importance


What is causal research?

- Explanatory, why
- e.g. determining which criterion is critical to a retailer’s decision as to whether or not a new product line is adopted


What is deductive research?

Using deductive reasoning, you develop a research hypothesis from existing theory and you then test this hypothesis


What is inductive research?

Using an inductive approach, you gather all the evidence, information and data available and then you formulate a generalisation that provides a reasonable and logical explanation for all of them


What are the four frameworks?

- Conceptual framework
- Contained in the research statement, question or hypotheis
- Theoretical framework
- Contained in the literature review
- Methodological framework
- Details how the research was conducted.
- Analytical framework
- Structure of the detailed analysis of the data


What is the hypothesis?

Formal statement of an unproven proposition that is empirically testable


What are propositions?

Statements explaining the logical linkage among certain concepts by asserting a universal connection between concepts


What does theoretical mean?

Concerned with developing, exploring or testing the theories or ideas that social science researches have about how the world operated


What does empirical mean?

Based on observations and measurements of reality - on what we perceive of the world around us


What does nomothetic mean?

Laws or rules that pertain to the general case and is contrasted with idiographic (rules or laws that relate to individuals)


What does probabilistic mean?

As certainty is not as attainable, refers to the reality that inferences made have probabilities associated with what has been observed and not to be considered as covering laws


What does causal mean?

Study of cause and effect that is difference from simple description of variables or the relationship between variables


What are concepts?

- The constituents of thoughts
- Abstract ideas


What are the two types of data?

- Primary
- Collected by the researcher
- Secondary
- Collected by others and relevant to the research