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What are Merton's Norms of ETHICS?

* Universalism
* Communalism
* Disinterestedness
* Organised scepticism


What is Merton's Norm of universalism?

Knowledge claims are judged through reestablished impersonal criteria consonant with observations and with previously confirmed knowledge


What is Merton's Norm of communalism?

Substantive findings of science are a product of social collaboration and are assigned to the community. Scientists claim to intellectual property is limited to that of recognition and esteem


What is Merton's Norm of disinterestedness?

Scientists should have no emotional or financial attachments to their work. Reward comes through recognition of achievement, not monetary gains


What is Merton's Norm of organised scepticism?

Investigator does not preserve the cleavage between the sacred and the preference, between that which requires uncritical respect and that which can be objectively analyses. Should wait before all the facts are in before a judgement is made about a particular theory


What are the ethical principles?

- Beneficence
- Non-maleficence
- Integrity
- Respect


What are the main ethical issues in research?

* Informed consent
* Privileged access
- Intrusion
* Vulnerable populations


What is informed consent?

Agreement given by a person to participate in some action after being informed of the possible consequences


What is privileged access?

Prior access to an individual or site that provides an advantage in securing access for the purpose of conducting research