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Risk factors for CDI

antimicrobial use (esp clindamycin, penicillin, cephalosporin, fluroquinolones), hospitalization, ages 65-84, IBD, African American, NOT gastric acid suppression


Treatment recommendations for CDI

Metronidazole: mild to moderate infection DOC NOT in pregnant or lactating women
Oral vanc: DOC for severe infections and pregnant/lactating women
Pt w/ ileus, abdominal distention, surgical/anatomic abnormalities--> give rectal vanc enema
Complicated infection: give both vanc and metronidazole
1st recurrence- same protocol, 2nd recurrence oral vanc with extended course of treatment


Compare the effectiveness of fidaxomicin and vancomyin

ADE are comparable (N/V, abd pain, GI bleed)
Fidazomicin provides superior clinical response and lower incidence of recurrence.


Recipient preparation for fecal transplant

stop antibiotics 2-3 days before, colonoscopy like prep to remove stool, loperamine after transplant


Donor preparation for fecal transplant

no recent anti-microbial use, screened for fecal pathogens, tested for HBV, HAV, HCV, syphilis, HIV1, HIV2, given milk of magnesia
Instill stool using colonoscopy.
Role and effectiveness: 90% of pt have clinical resolution, may be effective in a a number of conditions