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What does a 'finite resource' mean?

A resource that is being replaced or are replaced more slowly than they are being used


What does a 'renewable resource' mean?

A resource that is being replaced at least as fast as it is being used


What type of resource are fossil fuels?

finite (non-renewable)


Name 3 fossil fuels

coal, crude oil, natural gas


What is potable water?

drinkable water


What is in potable water?

water with low levels of certain dissolved salts and microbes


What is the process of removing salt from salty water called?



What is brackish water?

salty water


What is pure water?

water with nothing else in it


Is pure water the same as potable water (drinking water)?

no, pure water has nothing else but water while potable water contains low levels of certain dissolved salts and microbes.


What are the steps in treating waste water before it is released into the environment?

Screening to remove large objects
sedimentation tanks to let sand, grit and mud settle out
anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge
aerobic biological treatment of effluent


What is phytomining?

using plants to concentrate metal ions from the ground, harvesting and burning them to release the ions, washing the ash to make leachate and electrolysing the leachate to collect the metal


What is bioleaching?

Using bacteria to collect metal ions from soil and then collecting the leachate they produce before electrolysing to collect the metal


Apart from electrolysis how can metals be collected from leachate?

by adding a scrap metal that is more reactive than the metal in the leachate so that the scrap metal displaces the required metal from the leachate.


What does LCA stand for?

Life Cycle Assessment


What is a Life Cycle Assessment?

A life cycle assessment determines the total environmental impact of an object over its entire life from production (including impact of extracting / making it components) to end-of-life (landfill / burning / decomposition)