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Vine Species

Vitis Vinifera & American Vines.


When select grape variety, grape grower will also be concerned other facts such as?

Budding,Ripening time, and Diseases.


How grape is grown and propagated and where do they take place?

Cutting - commercial nurseries or Layering - vineyard.


Due to the risk of phylloxera, most grape growers now use what to grow grape?



Explain what is "Clonal selection"

Vine with positive mutations are selected for further propagation by cutting or layering, so that the positive characteristics of the vines can be carried forward in new plantings


Grape variety Pinot Blanc is mutation of?

Pinot Noir.


Grape variety Pinot Gris is mutation of?

Pinot Noir.


How to create new grape variety?



Explain the difference between grape Propagation, Mutation, & Cross-fertilisation.

Propagation - Same variety.

Mutation - Same variety, sometimes new.

Cross-fertilisation - New variety.


Explain what is crossing and the result of crossing.

A new grape variety is produced from two parents of the same species.

(Most used in V.vinifera, however crossings of American vines exist too)


Cabernet Sauvignon is a crossing of?

Cabernet France & Sauvignon Blanc.


Muller Thurgau is a crossing of?

Riesling & Madeleine Royale


Pinotage is a crossing of?

Pinot Noir & Cinsault.


Explain what is hybrid?

A hybrid is a vie whose parents come from two different vine species. (At least one American vine as a parent.)


Normally grape from American vines are rarely used in winemaking but there are some notable exceptions. Please give one example.

Vidal, grown in Canada.


Where are the three places doesn't have phylloxera problem?

Chile, some part of Argentina, & South Australia.


Explain the purpose and process of two different grafting techniques.

Bench grafting - to join a rootstock to a V. vinifera.

Head grafting - to switch to different grape variety.


What are the part of vine grow each new year and what does it include and what do they do?

The green parts of the vine - A Shoot: Leaves, Buds, Tendrils, & Flowers or berries.


Explain what are the role of buds playing in a newly grow shoot.

Can be describe as embryonic shoots. Once formed, they mature inside their casing during growing season so that, by the end of the year, each bud contains in miniature all the structures that will become the shoot, leaves, flowers and tendrils the following year.


Explain what are the role of leaves playing on a vine.

Plant's engine. Responsible for photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants use sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into glucose and oxygen.


Explain what are the role of flowers and berries playing on a vine.

Flowers are the vine's reproductive organs.

Flower -> pollinated -> berries.

(Inflorescences -> bunch of grapes ->harvest / attract animal to disperse the seeds)


Explain what are the role of playing on a vine.

Vine are not able to support themselves, so they use tendrils to grip a supporting structure, such as trellis wire.


Explain what is One-year-wood and why is important to manage them for the grape grower?

Shoot turn woody during the winter after they have grown.

Vine will normally only produce fruit on shoots that grow from buds that developed the previous year.


What is difference between cane and spur?

Its depending on how many buds it is left with after prune.

Cane is long with 8 to 20 buds.

Spur is short and has only 2 to 3 buds.


Explain what is permanent wood and what does it made up of?

Permanent is wood that is more than one year old. It is made up of the trunk and the arms of vine.


Elaborate the function of the roots in a vine.

Their function is to absorb water and nutrients from the soil, anchor the vine and store carbohydrates to allow the vine to survive the winter.