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Community health education

health ed/promotion programs conducted in departments of health, voluntary agencies, hospitals, religious orgs etc


coordinated school health program

coordinates and integrates various aspects of a school district to best impact the health of the students, faculty, staff, administrations, and community as a whole
-includes food services, nursing services, school counseling and psychology, health instruction, physical education, administration, school environment, community involvement and faculty/staff wellness


school education/promotion

instructing school-age children about health and health-related behaviors



establishing and maintaining a wide range of contacts in the field that may be of help when looking for a job and in carrying about one's job responsibiliites once hired

important in health education/promotion? yes bc it provides roesouces for job searing and info


hard money

funds used to support health ed/promot positions and programs that are part of the regular budget of an employer
-job security tends to be good
-hired directlly by commonuty/pub health agenciy


soft money

money secured through grants
-positions termeninated when grant funding is discontinued so job secruity can be a concern
-funds to suport health ed/promot positions and programs secured through grants or contracts, which may be discoontinued at the end of a designated period



collection of evidence that enables students to demonstrate mastery of diesired course or program outcomes


service learning

course credit for students to work with a community agency to meet an identified community need
-provides hands on real work practiec experience


voluntary health agencies

orgs taht are created by concerned citizens to deal w/ healht needs not met by gov agencies \; rely heavily on volunteer help and donatoions to funciton
-mision can be public education, prof education, patient education, research, driect services and support to or for people direclty affect by health issues

-American Heart Association
-American Lung ASsocation
-American Cancer Society


Four major settings in which health education specialists are employed

1) School health education/promotion
2) Public or community health ed/promotion
3) Worksite health ed/promotion
4) Health ed/promotion in healthcare settings
5) Health ed/prmot in colleges and universities
6) International opp (global health)
7) nontraditional : journalism, TB or radio


advantages of School health education/promotion

-health ed specialists have the ability to work w/ young ppl during their dev years
-have potential to prevent harmful health behaviors from forming instead of working w/ older ppl after such behaviors have been formed
-have the opp to impact all students because health ed/promot is usuually a required course
-graduate degree is not needed for entry-level employment
-good job security
-summer months are free
-benefits = good
-multifaceted career ladder
-typically good health and retirement benefit programs


disadvantages of School health education/promotion

-spent many long hours at job
-low status in a school distrcit when comparee w/ teachers of more traditional subjects (math science)
-pay is low compared w/ prof in other filed but compara le w/ that of other health ed specialists\
-student discipline problems are often seen as major disadvantage
summer free time may be consumed w/ summer employment or returning to college for additional required work
-difficult dealing w/ conservative school boards, parents, and community groups when teaching controversial issues such as sex ed
-resources may be limited to support the program


responsibilities of School health education/promotion

-teach in classroom
-advocate for school health policy
-lesson planning, grading, parent meetings, displining, coaching , adminstrative dues
-curriculum dev, review of mateiral sof rclass room use, k
-active members of prof org


advantages of Public or community health ed/promotion

-job responsibilites are highly varied and changing
-strong emphasis on prevention
-ussulaly high community profile
-work w/ multiple groups of ppl
-high degree of self satisfaction
-typically offer good benefit packages
-typically allow flex time when working evenings or weekeneds


disadvantages of Public or community health ed/promotion

-pay may be low, particularly in voluntary agencies
-soft vs hard money
-relying heavily on volunteers can be frustrating; some may not commit very well
-not enough money to run all programs that need to be offered in the way they should be
-require irregular hours
-lot of beruearcracy in pub healht agencies


responsibilities of Public or community health ed/promotion

planning, implementing, and evaluating programs and events are major tasks, but, in conducting these tasks, health ed specialists get invovled in fund-raising, coalition building, committee work, budgeting, general administration, public speaking, volunteer recruitment, grant writing, media relations, and advocacy


advantages of Worksite health ed/promotion

-affords excellent opp for prevention
proivdes access to individ who may not participate in community programs
-work w/ multiple and diverse groups of ppl, including everyone form upper management to shift workers
-most enjoy positions and report high degree of job satisfaction
-pay is usually higher than in other settings; benefits are usually good but vary from employer to employer
-have access to fitness faciilites for perosnal use


disadvantages of Worksite health ed/promotion

-long/irregular hours
-upward mobility may be a porblem; typically there are only 1or two mangerial positions in helaht promotion at any given work site; makes it diffuclt for health ed spec to move up; in addition those holding managerial positions as directors of health and fitness have nowher to move up in a componay unless they are willing to get out of health poromtion field
0health prom programs and fitness center often seem to be low on company's priority list; first to receive budget cuts and short of staff
-some companies subcontract thier health promotion and fitness programs to outside vendors; some fo these outside vendors hire part time health ed specialists, pay lower wages, and provide few or no benefits
-have storng pressure to be extremely fit and be healhty role models to other employees


responsibilites of Worksite health ed/promotion

varied in a coporaote health promotion center
-some faciilies: maintain record such as who is using center, which programs are most popular, fitness assemsnet results, and healht profiles
-creation and updating of bulletin boards, equipment maintenance, towel distribution and laundering
-annual healht fairs, company-wide health screenings flu shot programs
-advocaating for pop based comporate wide plicies, rules, regulations to enhacne health of employees


advantages of working in health care setting

-highly vaired/changing
-increaded credibulity due to healthcare connection
-usually hihg community profile
-work w/ multiple gorups of ppl
-good wages/benefits
-high degree of self-satisfaction


disadvantages of working in health care setting

-health ed/prmo may have low status and low priority
-msut continually justify porgram's value
-jobs are difficult to obtain
-turf issues over edducational responsibilites can develop
-long/irregular hours
-some doctors may be difficult to work w/


responsibilities of working in health care setting

-can differ from one healthcare stetting to another
-planning, implementing, and evaluating programs/events
-grant wiritng, one-on-one or grpoup patient education servicies, publiciyt, public relations, employee wellness activities, and various collaboritve effors w/ other hospital staff, community agencies, or departments of public health
-administration; hired as manger, directors, or coordiinators of programs
-serve as resoures for other team members who actually present the programs


International opp (global health)

-disadvant: living/working conditions may be worse than U.S.
-advan: rewarding and involablue experience good for prof dev
-duties: create imnnovative programs to solve indentified health programs; must be low cost, easily dev and implemented, accptable to social and clutrual norms of community and available to assl l apsects of ppl being served;


nontraditional settings

advantage: diff aresas: sale positions (pharmascy, fitness equpment and sale of textbooks; life and healht insurance; tv newspaper, articples
-unique job opp
-disad: need to really sell themselves to get position


4. Explain why it might be said that health education/promotion has never reached its real potential in the health care setting. • What factors have kept health education/promotion positions at a minimal level in this setting?

low funding, priority, and resources (lack of third party reimbursement)


What can introductory-level health education/promotion students do now that might help them land their first job after

-obtain part time or summer emplyment in prefered health ed/promot setting
-volunteer time in setting --> networking
-service learning can broaden professional network and be advantage in job market
-planning internships and pracitcums ; requried field experiences
-excellent academic record
-dev portfolio and resume


Which of the following is not an advantage of being a School Health Educator?

There is good job security
A) A graduate degree is not required for basic level entry
B) This kind of position has flexible weekends and evenings
C) Summer months are free and there are decent vacation periods in the winter and spring
D) Multifaceted Career ladder



For individuals working in what field would it be highly recommended for them to have two degrees?

Work-Site Health Education Specialist


Soft money is money that is secured through grants.



Which health education specialist setting involves advocating for population-based, corporate-wide policies to enhance the health of individuals?

Work-site setting


A student is hoping to pursue a career in health education. Which of the following is NOT a way to improve their job marketability?
A. Networking with professionals
B. Volunteering
C. Developing a portfolio
D. Having an outdated resume
E. Get CHES certified



Once you land a health education specialist job, you no longer have to worry about making a good impression or proving your worth to the employer.



According to Table 7.1 in our textbook the rules of good health included:

Eating a fruit or vegetable every day


Within the Voluntary health agencies responsibilities includes:

Volunteer recruitment and coordination


According to Worksite Health Education/promotion, the workplace should not only protect the safety and wellbeing of employees but also provide them opportunities for long term health and improved quality of life.



What is the main goal of health education/promotion in schools?

To help students adopt and maintain healthy behavior


Which of the following are not one of the possible missions of Voluntary Health agencies?

Public education
Advocating for health laws
Patient Education
Direct services and support to/for people directly affected by a medical problem

Advocating for health laws


Health Education Specialists are professionally trained to help individuals and communities reduce their health risks.



The term public health education/promotion includes both:

Community health education/promotion and public health education/promotion


The quality of school health education programs has been compromised by the majority of teachers’ professional preparation being in physical education.



The most likely sources of employment for public/community health education specialists are

Voluntary health agencies and public health agencies


Which of the following is least likely to be a work-site health promotion activity?
Smoking cessation
Mammography screenings
Flu shots
Stress management
Abstinence only sex education

Abstinence only sex education


A health educator working in which location would be most likely to conduct a study of the public’s health needs?
School Health Education
Community Health Education
Worksite Wellness
Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
Hospital Health Educator

Community Health Education


Voluntary health agencies are created by the government to address the public’s health concerns.