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What are the main risk factors for CAD?

-Fam Hx
-Hyperlipidemia (high LDL and low HDL)
-age (men greater than 45 years, women greater than 55 years)
-obestity/abdominal obesity (waist circumference greater than 40 mon and 35 women)
-physical inactivity


Is diabetes a CAD risk equivalent?


in a study, diabetic subjects without prior MI and nondiabetics with a prior MI had just about equal probabilities of death from CAD.


What are the general features of metabolic syndrome?

-Abdominal obesity
-dyslipidemia ( elevated triglycerides and LDL, low HDL)
-raised blood pressure
- insulin resistance
-prothrombotic state
-proinflamm state


How do we manage dyslipidemia?

Bring down LDL first with statin, then bring up HDL with Niacin. Lastly, bring down triglycerides with Tricor.


what are some lifestyle modifications that can be taken to reduce risk of CAD?

-weight reduction
-DASH diet
-reduce salt
-physical activity
-moderate alcohol consumption


ATP III Framingham Risk Study
-what is this?
-what is all scored in this assessment of risk?

-used to determine absolute 10 year CAD.

-age, Total cholesterol, HDL, SBP, smoking status


Describe an appropriate diet for someone trying to reduce their risk of CAD?

increased fiber, soy protein, veggies, and fruits. Cut down on salt, get the gist of it.


At what age do we being primary prevention screening of CVD and stroke?

-20 years old regularily assess FMH, smoking status, diet, alcohol, and physical activity. BP, BMI, waist circumference, lipids.

-40years: assess 10-year risk of CAD, start younger if 2+ risk factors present.


CVD and Stroke Secondary Prevention Guidlines

-smoking cessation
-lipid management
-physical activity
-weight management
-ACE inhib
-Beta blocker
-blood pressure control

*early aspirin and beta blockers