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Describe the coronary artery system of the heart

Right and left coronary arteries both branch from the aortic arch.

Right Coronary Artery branches into the Posterior Descending Artery, and the the marginal artery.

The Left coronary Artery branches into the Left Anterior Descending Artery and the the circumflex artery.


Do we stent the left main coronary artery?

-no, we bypass this. if we lose the LAD we lose all of the left ventricle.


What are the 4 broad groups that we can describe common cardiac problems?

Plumbing: ischemic heart disease, MI, acute coronary syndrome

Mechanical-CHF, restrictive and constrictive cardiomyopathies

Electrical- Arrhythmias

Structural: congenital or acquired abnormalities.


What area of the heart do each of the coronary arteries supply?

-Circumflex supplies lateral portion of left ventricle

-LAD supplies anterior left ventricle

-Right coronary wraps around to the right and supplies the right atrium, right ventricle, bottom portion of left ventricle, and back of the septum, also the SA node artery.

-PDA: supplies blood to right and left ventricle

-Marginal: supplies blood to the right ventricle.


Describe ischemia pain of the heart

-deep, visceral, intesnse, squeezing, tightness
-substernal with radiation to the neck, jaw, or arms.


What are four types of dyspnea that may be cardiac related?

-paroxysmal nocturnal
-dyspnea at rest


What is BNP a good indicator of?

How long does it take for Troponin level to become elevated?

-Heart Failure, Beta naturetic peptide, release when there is stretch to the atria.