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> cause of the murmur here?
3 sick alpacas out of 60 herd
- poor BCS
- lethargy, dperession, anorexia, cold, pale mm, poor gut sounds, ^HH ^ RR
- 2 have murmurs grade II/VI, systolic PMI left
- 1 alpaca 5 mo pregnant, has just weaned 1 cria, 1 aplaca 3mo preg is 20 months old

Haemic murmur d/t changes in viscosity of blood


Stocking density recommendation for alpacas?

5-7 adult alpacas per acre


Vaccinations needed by alpacas?

- vax against clsotridial dz annually and against BTV8 in UK
- worming (with more than just ivermectin!)


What feacal sample test is more sensitvie for camelids?

Stoll's test


See CAL for good overview of ruminant eggs



What wormer is nematodirus not sensitive to?



How can parasites and aanaemia be linked?

Overwhelming GI parasitism can cause anaemia and hypoproteinaemia
- invovlvement of haemonchus suspected if severe anaemia


How is haemochus dx?

- feacal culture (takes 7-10d)
- PM


Tx/management of severely anaemic alpacas d/t overwhelming nematodirus and strongyle burden?

> anthelmintics
- 5d course fenbendazole (20mg/kg dose PO)
- levamisole (6mg/kg SQ / 8mg/kg PO) beware OD -> Neuro signs
> nutrition
- supplementary hay, sugar beet, chopped alfalfa
> whole blood transfusions
- find donor from herd, ideally male
- check donor is healthy (parasites likely herd wide probelm)
- 1 unit (450ml bag) of normal PCV should be sufficient to bring recipient into normal range (14-18%)
- transfuse through in-line filter (blood administration set)
- recover well,k may start eating mid-transfusion!
> oxygen if moribund
* NOT Fluids (dilute blood)